October 31, 2019 5:37 pm

Product Update — October 31, 2019

Hello Dash Community!

Happy Halloween, and greetings from SF Blockchain Week. 🎃

Here’s what’s been going on at Dash Core Group this week.

🔑 Made a change to the Provider Update Registrar Transaction (“ProUpRegTx,” used to update information relating to the owner like the operator’s BLS public key, the voting address, and payout address) so that if the MNO leaves the string empty, the system will just reuse the current value (e.g. if a MNO goes to update his voting address, they can specify an empty string both for the operator public key and for the payout address in “protx update_registrar” RPC and the wallet will reuse the existing operator public key and the payout address, which are already known to the network).

💸 Refactoring for Coin Control feature to make the process smoother and more compatible with future Bitcoin backports (no changes to actual behavior).

📩 Made a change so that nodes will receive a single message when a bunch of transactions (more than 9) all come in at the same time, instead of multiple messages. This avoids overloading certain types of systems where messages are sent through DBUS, preventing interruptions to the user experience.

🌉 Updated Platform Machine with the new structure for Dash Platform Protocol (DPP), which describes the rules for state transitions on Dash Platform. Platform Machine validates state transitions (transactions that describe a change in the application’s state) in the Platform Chain and updates the state of data in Dash Platform.

🎨 Completed work on several tasks for the DashWallet UI redesign on iOS, including screens for biometric unlocking, the Tools screens, and dark mode support.

🖌 Completed work on redesigned UI for Sync Status screen, Enter Pin screen, and Show QR Code as well as some design updates for the home screen on DashWallet Android.

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