Some details regarding – On Sunday, February 5th, we are releasing the long-awaited 12.1 version of Dash

The new binaries, along with documentation, will be available in

Mining pools

The information needed to the upgrade is available at


New hardware requirements and upgrade guides will be available at

Users / Exchanges

Basic upgrade guide will be available upon release.

Support about the update

Should you have any question about the update, we recommend either:

-#dash_support_desk channel at the Dash Nation Slack (public, cummunity-driven Slack, you can sign up here)

-Official forum : /forum/topic/12-1-support.125/


The team and the community will be available to answer arising questions.


Bring Dash to your local ATM!

“Dash is now supported on all GENERAL BYTES #bitcoin ATMs. Ask your local ATM operator to enable Dashpay today!
Bring Dash to your local ATM!

Recently the GENERAL BYTES Bitcoin ATM models have been upgraded to support Dash, the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the world. You can do your part to help increase Dash adoption in the ATMs by supporting this Thunderclap event.

We need a minimum of 100 people to support us in our goal. (*supporting us is free!) All it takes is a minute of your time and you will be able to support us using your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account. The Dash community will be grateful so what are you waiting for? Your favourite cryptocurrency needs you!

Dash is Now in Public Beta on KeepKey Wallet

Dash is a welcome addition to KeepKey’s cryptocurrency platform. Not only can KeepKey users safely store Dash on the device, they can now do it in the KeepKey client itself. Dash, the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is the latest asset you can protect under the KeepKey security umbrella. Dash joins the likes of bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and ethereum.

KeepKey’s support for Dash also extends to ShapeShift. With the addition of Dash, users can now exchange 20 unique currency pairs in the KeepKey client!

The KeepKey client opens a new stand-alone window, which provides a more accessible and user-friendly interface. The window can be moved and resized, which wasn’t possible with the drop-down window.

KeepKey continues to expand its first-class security platform to the digital assets you want to protect.

Download the public beta here. (note: uninstall or disable any existing KeepKey Chrome Apps or Extensions prior to installing)

For the latest updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter @bitcoinkeepkey.

– KeepKey Team

12.1 Support Party, Apple-Jaxx Update, & International Girls | DASH: Detailed

So much! The next Treasury payout is set for Thursday, February 2nd. The release of long-awaited 12.1— Sentinel — is set for Sunday February 5th. I have clarification on the Apple-Jaxx issue. Yes, I said the Apple-Jaxx issue. And Dash is set to be integrated into a major exchange with a fiat trading pair.

Hi, I’m Amanda B. Johnson, and you’re watching this episode of DASH: Detailed as filmed in a
Nevada motel room.
Let’s get started with Development Updates.
Many have understandably asked, “How will I know how to upgrade to 12.1 come Sunday Feb 5?”
Dash’s Quality Assurance Manager, Holger Schinzel, recommends that although a guide may be
published on that day, we all ought to just hang out at the #desk_support_desk channel in the Dash
Nation Slack.
So if you’re available, feel free to pull up a chair, pour yourself a beer, and join the support group so
that everyone may climb the mountain together.
In other development news, Trezor has released full support for Dash. Now, Dash could be used before
on the Trezor via the Electrum-Dash wallet, but it couldn’t be used on Trezor’s uber-popular web app.
That is no longer the case. So for those with a Trezor or who plan to be owners of one soon, you’ll find
that visiting will give you full accessibility to the Dash stored on your device.
Trezor dash support out of beta:
And in other development updates, Dash developer Snogcel has announced that the popular Bitpay
wallet called Copay is now being tested for Dash on the Dash testnet. Now the Copay wallet supports
hierarchical deterministic address generation — a lot of words to say that – only one seed is needed to
back up all the addresses that one might generate in the future, which is handy.
Copay also supports multisignature addresses, which means if you would like to have an account
whose funds can only be controlled by the express consent of multiple parties, that will also be
available. Snogcel reports that if Copay-Dash goes well on testnet, its first public release will be a
Chrome extension. And that after that, other platforms can be supported in time.
Copay wallet:
Now let’s check out the Price Movement.
At the time of recording, the Dash to dollar price has been, and still is, flirting with the $16 range.
This makes for a market capitalization of $114 million US dollars. This is with just over 7 million Dash
in existence, and a 24-hour trade volume of $1.4 million dollars.
Price movements:
In our 7-day market cap chart, we will see a substantial increase of 14 percent. Our three-month market
cap chart shows a roughly two hundred percent increase. And of course the context for all of this is
Dash’s three years lifetime market cap chart, seen here. Zero to $115 million in only three years!
Catchy, right?
Now to Business News.

What is the deal with the highly-upvoted post on the front page of the Dash subreddit about Apple
approving the addition of Dash? Well, after much confusion, some rejoicing, and some tears, Jaxx
founder Anthony Di Iorio shed light on the subject with a comment.
According to Di Iorio, several months ago Apple said that they would approve Dash in the next
submitted version of the Jaxx wallet. However, at this time, Jaxx had decided to do a complete
overhaul of its architecture to improve the speed of its software.
For that reason, Di Iorio made no announcement so as not to get anyone’s hopes up, as the Jaxx re-
architecture was set to be several months out at the time. Now Di Iorio says if all goes as planned, the
re-architecture will be submitted to the iOS App Store in about three weeks’ time, with Dash included.
Jaxx on Apple:
So is this reason to celebrate? It’s hard to tell, because only a few days ago, Slack community member
@ios_dev submitted his own version of a Dash wallet to the app store and was soundly rejected, as his
screenshot here shows. So either way — approval or continuing disapproval — only time will tell.
In other business news, the online exchange Bittylicious sells Dash for credit and debit card purchases,
as well as other types, though only if one happens to reside in the UK.
And speaking of exchanges, that brings us to this “major exchange” buzz you might have heard about,
with regard to a Dash integration. Now, details on the integration are scarce, as the exchange in
question has asked that their identity not be revealed until they are ready to make a press release
announcement at a strategic time.
The treasury proposal to fund the integration has been approved. The proposal also mentions that the
exchange will be looking into the enabling of InstantSend for both deposits and withdrawals. The
launch of the trading is set for the end of either first quarter or the beginning of second.
And you can learn more about it in this video that YouTuber TechKnowledge made about it.
Dash partners w/ major exchange:
Now to Dash in the News.
Dash has gotten what may be its first mention in the news arm of ShapeShift, in a place called
CoinCap. Writer Michael covered the basics of Evolution, with quotes from Director of Finance Ryan
Taylor, as well as Lead Developer Evan Duffield.
CoinCap article:
In other media, Anthony at AltcoinXP got his new YouTube channel kicked off with an explainer of
Dash. Anthony gave such a clear, thorough, and detailed overview of Dash that I feared for my job.

Well done.
AltcoinXP overview of Dash:
Over at Brave New Coin, writer Rupert Hackett gave an overview over Dash’s masternode and
collateral system.
Brave New Coin writeup:
And at CoinTelegraph, Dash community member Joel Valenzuela interviewed former Dash contractor
John Bush about his push to get a hundred Dash-accepting merchants in a hundred days.
On the Amanda B. Johnson front, I had the opportunity to speak to YouTuber Crypt0 in my first live
interview ever.
Crypt0 live interview:
As well as to speak to Kenneth of Crush The Street. Crush The Street is a subscription-based investor
newsletter of decidedly non-crypto specialists.
Crush The Street:
Now to Network Statistics.
Today’s masternode count is 4,277. To put that into context, here is the lifetime masternode count chart.
There are roughly 550 non-masternode full modes open on the network, which gives us a total count of
4,831 full nodes.
Masternode count:
Today’s hashrate is 2.05 terahashes per second, which is down from last week. For context, here is our
three-month chart. Our year-long hash rate chart. And our lifetime hashrate chart.
Hashrate & full node count:
Little heads-up for you – that sometime on February 12th at block 630,720, we will have our annual
decrease of inflation.
This means that Dash’s block reward – that is the reward to miners, masternodes, and the available
treasury – will decrease by 7.14 percent, to be precise.
Block reward decrease:
And as an interesting little fun fact for you, the February superblock – that is, the February treasury
payout – has supported a new all-time high of proposals: 22. The former all-time high came in
September of 2016 when 20 proposals had passed.
And finally, in Social Happenings, there are three new “What is Dash?” videos from three new,

different, and pretty girls. One is in Brazilian Portuguese, another is in Dutch, and yet another is in
This outreach is being headed up by community member @alex-ru with the assistance of community
member @studioz. You can find these three pretty girls as well as several other pretty girls giving the
“What is Dash?” video in several other languages in the International Section on the Dash YouTube
homepage. It’s at the bottom.
‘What is Dash?’ videos:
In other social happenings, I have recently been late to join the party in finding the joy that is This Dash version of BitListen was created by Dash Core developer @udjinm6
and plays a tone every time a Dash transaction takes place or a block is found.
Dash visualizer by UdjinM6:
In other social happenings, our Comment of the Week is from Dash Core member @tungfa. There was
a discussion going on in Slack at the time over whether a former multi-month treasury payout should
have gone on as long as it did. @tungfa said:
“I can only encourage all masternode holders to vote and change votes if they feel
appropriate. That is the power of the Dash system and it should be used.”
Well said.
And lastly in social happenings, you may have noticed that the Dash YouTube channel has broken
6,000 subscribers. Yay for everyone.
That’s it for DASH: Detailed this week.
For your information, we have added a little “How to Dash” section at Where
you’ll see quick references of how to buy Dash, how to accept it, what wallet to use, and, what are the
debit cards that support Dash again? You can find it at
Quick reference section on (how to buy, how to accept, wallet downloads):
Alright, folks, see you next Wednesday.
“We Are One” by Vexento:

Dash Slack / Forum / Reddit:
DASH: Detailed Homepage:
DASH: Detailed Twitter:
Dash Homepage:
Dash Twitter:

Copay-Dash Wallet (Testnet Only / RC 0.1)

I’m happy to announce a “Release Candidate” version of Copay-Dash, a variant of the Copay wallet which was originally developed by Bitpay.

Besides the usual characteristics of other wallets, this fully-featured app boasts:

  • The ability to access multiple Dash wallets within a single app
  • HD-Multisignature Wallet Derivation (BIP32/BIP44)
  • Exchange Rate Calculation (150+ currencies)
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Streamlined User Interface

Copay is available for all major operating systems, both desktop and mobile, however at the moment the Dash version will be made available only as a Chrome extension. This release has undergone preliminary testing but at this stage is intended only for Testnet. Once we’ve achieved 100% stability we plan on distributing builds supporting additional platforms.

You can read more about Copay at

Backend Mechanics

This wallet is powered by Bitcore Wallet Service and uses a centralized server to do the heavy lifting. This server maintains a full copy of the blockchain and provides notifications to connected clients when transactions affecting their wallet occurs, similar to how an Electrum Server operates. It’s worth noting that despite this “client-server” relationship, your private keys are always held locally and are never revealed to the centralized server.

Copay-Dash is able to maintain this “untrusted” relationship with the wallet server through the use of Bitcore Wallet Client. This collection of client-side libraries allows for the signing of Transactions and creation of Wallets to occur via API.

Installation Info



The Dos and Don’ts of Pushing Crypto: Evangelist John Bush

The Dos and Don'ts of Pushing Crypto: Evangelist John Bush

While Bitcoin value and use continue to grow year after year, cryptocurrency is still a far cry from total main street adoption.

While some online heavy hitters such as Overstock and Amazon through significantly improve the usability of cryptocurrency, the average storefront business anywhere in the world will likely not accept digital currencies. CoinMap lists barely over 8,500 Bitcoin-accepting businesses worldwide. Cryptocurrency evangelists have their work cut out for them.

Cointelegraph spoke to John Bush, owner of Brave New Books and head of the Dash to Adoptionproject, about the dos and don’ts of the cryptocurrency adoption strategy that he learned during his push to get new businesses to accept Dash.

Knowing people

Cointelegraph: What were your goals coming into the adoption push?

John Bush: My goal was to help 100 businesses get set up to accept Dash within 100 days. I also wanted to study the ecosystem in order to determine best practices for furthering adoption

Cointelegraph: How were your results?

JB: I ended up falling quite short of my goal. I was able to sign up 24 businesses with several others who committed but haven’t finalized the setup. I am still working to complete the 100 businesses but it will take well more than 100 days. I’d be happy to reach 100 in 200 days. As I said before the campaign was approved, whether I make the goal or not, I will continue to work towards the original goal of 100.

Cointelegraph: What was the main component of the project’s success that you underestimated?

JB: Time. I was expecting a better closing rate than what I had. I reached out to thousands of businesses and only a small percentage of them responded and a smaller number responded with interest. More time would mean more potential businesses reached. I honestly thought it would be easier to reach businesses that already accept Bitcoin. Perhaps not having many Bitcoin customers led them to not be so excited about a new cryptocurrency.

Cointelegraph: Which were the easiest businesses to reach?

JB: Businesses owned by people I know personally!

Cointelegraph: And the most difficult?

JB: Businesses that did not accept cryptocurrency.

Gateway drug

Cointelegraph: Then is it fair to say that Bitcoin is the “gateway drug” to other coins?

JB: I would like to think so. One of the hangups I had with Dash was the lack of a solid tool for utilizing InstantSend. One of the few ways to make this happen is to use the Core Client, but of course, customers aren’t walking around with their laptop so there often wasn’t a way for the customer to send using InstantSend.

Cointelegraph: Have you had any success in taking businesses from zero to Dash, or is Bitcoin-first a must?

JB: I did have some success with crypto noobs.

“Many of my friends who are business owners setup Dash before ever accepting Bitcoin.”

Cointelegraph: So do you think other coins can gain direct public acceptance without having to field the “But what about Bitcoin” question?

JB: I do, once InstantSend is more widely available I think Dash will stand out as a cryptocurrency with great value for businesses.

Cointelegraph: What proved to be a winning approach to get businesses on board?

JB: Start with people you know and work from there.

Cointelegraph: How did you approach them? Email, call? What did you say?

JB: For businesses I knew or that were within my sphere of influence I gave a phone call. For businesses I was not familiar with, I sent an email that I would vary slightly depending on the industry.

“I related the benefits of Dash and the exposure the business would get for adding a new currency. I shared a YouTube video I produced to help explain the benefits. Then I followed up and engaged further if they were interested.”

The biggest selling point

Cointelegraph: What was your single biggest selling point? The one reason businesses should adopt cryptocurrency.

JB: The number one selling point for businesses to accept cryptocurrency is to be a pioneer in the space of digital currency and attract new clients to their businesses. A close runner-up is the ability to receive your money almost instantly instead of waiting days for credit card money to deposit.

Cointelegraph: What was one approach/line that didn’t work?

JB: The cold email was less effective than a phone call of course. There is an old adage in organizing and sales that one handshake is worth ten phone calls is worth 100 emails.

Cointelegraph: How optimistic are you about cryptocurrency adoption among the general economy?

JB: I am optimistic that eventually, in the long run, cryptocurrency will be widely adopted. I think it is inevitable. In the short term, however, with entrepreneurs focused on short term goals and most always overloaded. I don’t think the value proposition exists for mass adoption to come soon.