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Blockchain U: Arizona State and Digital Currency Dash Launch Research Lab

Aug 18, 2017

Students at Arizona State University will soon have a chance to get hands-on experience with blockchain, one of the world’s hottest technologies that is used extensively for digital currencies such as bitcoin and Dash. On Thursday, Dash announced that it is partnering with ASU’s engineering school, among the nation’s largest,...

Why You Might Want A Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Aug 13, 2017

Cryptocurrency is a hot commodity these days, but most average users still use it primarily to save or trade. Americans and Europeans are far more likely to use credit or debit cards for daily spending, instead of cash or mobile wallets. According to a 2016 Gallup poll, only 14 percent...

Namaste BitBay - Dash now available in India

Aug 13, 2017

Poland-based bitcoin and altcoin exchange Bitbay is set to launch a trading platform in India in a move that will see unprecedented support for the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies in the country.

Overstock Lets Customers Pay With More Than 40 Alt Coins

Aug 08, 2017

Bitcoin is the biggest and most famous digital currency, but it’s hardly the only one: There are hundreds of other so-called “alt coins” and now, in a significant development, the owners of these coins will be able to spend them at a major retailer. On Tuesday, Overstock—a popular online store...