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May 3, 2024 10:26 pm

Dash Partners with THORSwap!

Dash just got added to THORSwap, one of the biggest cross-chain DEX front-ends!

One of the leading front-ends for THORChain, the Maya Protocol, and many more, THORSwap is one of the leading DEX platforms in the world. With their recent Maya Protocol integration, Dash was added as a tradeable asset on the Platform. We’re getting more places than ever before.Go to, connect a wallet or create a keystore, and you’re reading to start trading.Dash has finally turned the corner and is getting listed on more exchanges again.

This time, even better: decentralized ones! Welcome to the Dash family THORSwap!

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Marina Siradegyan

Communications and marketing at DCG. Huge fan of Dash. And cats.