May 3, 2024 10:16 pm

Dash’s era of delistings is over!

We’re finally over the hump and are ready to be able to be traded on more exchanges every year, not fewer.

Last year Dash was the first coin added to the Maya Protocol, a fork of THORChain, a cross-chain AMM DEX network. Because of this, all new DEX interfaces that support THORChain can easily enough add Maya, and once they add Maya, Dash comes along for the ride.

We strategically moved into the DEX world because we saw that the future of digital finance is decentralized. Dash is open and permissionless, why shouldn’t its exchanges be?

As the landscape around the digital asset ecosystem changes, centralized exchanges face more and more challenges with regulations, compliance, security, and more. Decentralizing solves so many problems!

That’s why we’re focusing on being added to these anti-fragile trading platforms. It’s not only in line with our ethos, but it’s also a smart, forward-thinking move.

Things are also getting better in the centralized exchange world as well.

Now that the industry is 15 years old, we’re seeing a lot more regulatory clarity in the space. Gone are the days when exchanges had to simply guess whether they were breaking any regulations, and coins were delisted on rumors. Now, there’s clearer frameworks for how to list assets in a compliant manner.

We’re confident that Dash can start to become re-listed on many of these exchanges as we make our case. We’re also exploring some technical improvements that could make this easier as well.

But above all, we’re entering the “DEX or die” era, and Dash is well-prepared. We love our DEX partners!

Dash is ready for the future of decentralized finance.

About the author

Marina Siradegyan

Communications and marketing at DCG. Huge fan of Dash. And cats.