August 25, 2022 6:32 pm

DashDirect, the Most Dashy App

This article will detail DashDirect, the most straightforward app for using Dash anywhere in North America. By using this app, you get to enjoy the main benefits of transacting in Dash; near-instant settlement and maximum privacy.ย 

What is DashDirect?

DashDirect is a crypto payment app that doubles as an instant discounts app. This innovative app aims to facilitate global crypto adoption. DashDirect is powered by Dash, a cryptocurrency built for fast, low-cost payments.

DashDirect allows users to spend Dash at over 155,000 partner locations in the USA and over 125 online stores. Besides making shopping easy with Dash, the app offers an on the spot discount that lets users save up to 12 percent on purchases. Savings while shopping with DashDirect average at 5 percent, which acts as a strong financial incentive to shop with DashDirect instead of Debit and Credit cards.

How to Use It?

You can begin using the DashDirect app with these simple steps:

Step 1 – Download the Wallet and App

Download the Dash wallet from the iOS app store or from the Android Play store (free of charge) and then do the same for the DashDirect app. Fund your wallet with some Dash.

Step 2 – Pick Merchant

After installing and setting up the DashDirect app, search for your preferred merchants from the ALL RETAILERS section of click NEARBY to find a supported location. Once you pick a location, click PAY WITH DASH.

Step 3 – Enter Amount

Enter the purchase total in the app, and a percentage saving will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Step 4 – Buy a Gift Card

The amount you will pay is displayed on the screen. There is also the option to offer a tip to servers when dining. Click PURCHASE GIFT CARD. On the new screen, you will be asked to confirm the transaction or cancel.


Step 5 – Redeem In-Store or Online

You can now make your payment. Tell the cashier you are paying using a digital gift card, and they will scan the barcode on your mobile device. Enter the gift card number in the gift card input field to complete a transaction if paying online.


With those four steps, you have paid for goods or services and received some savings.


DashDirect in action at the Olive Garden. DashDirect buys a Pizza or even breakfast.

What Services Accept Gift Cards?

The DashDirect app is accepted at over 155,000 locations in the US, which includes all your favorite retailers. With DashDirect, users can instantly buy and redeem gift cards from leading retailers like DoorDash, Best Buy, GameStop, The Home Depot, Old Navy, InstaCart, Ultra, Uber, and hundreds more. The app also works on numerous online retailers, where users can purchase all types of goods.

How Is It Protected?

When shopping with DashDirect, you enjoy the security of one of the world’s most secure blockchain-powered payment networks. Safety is assured on the Dash blockchain through ChainLocks, which protects users from 51% of attacks.

You are also protected by Dashโ€™s InstantSend feature which allows you to create and fund the gift card within 2-3 seconds at the point of sale for the exact amount you need, so you immediately spend the card with no leftovers and minimal currency risk to you.

Try it out now and see how simple living in crypto is.

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