October 21, 2020 2:13 am

We’re pleased to announce that YouHodler now supports DASH savings accounts. YouHodler Savings Accounts Get New Upgrade with DASH (5.5%APY)

Yesterday, the Dash marketing team made a revolutionary announcement that aims to bridge the gap between Dash and DeFi. Moreover, YouHodler also thought it was a good time to make an exciting new Dash announcement of our own. Starting today, users can earn a passive income on Dash with brand new savings accounts. Here’s how you can get started and why it could be a wise investment at this point in time.

A stress-free way to make your crypto earn 5.5%

Dash is the fourth cryptocurrency this month added to the YouHodler platform savings account family. We see a lot of potential in this promising crypto and we wanted to give our community a chance to earn more on DASH than simple, HODLing can provide. Now, you can earn 5.5% each year while simultaneously benefiting from Dash’s natural growth.

To being, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Deposit DASH to your YouHodler wallet

Step 2: Sign the Savings Reward Agreement

Step 3: Watch your crypto earn interest every day.

Dash savings accounts: Why should you open one?

Dash may not have the same reputation as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other top-ten coins by market cap but lately, Dash has made some impressive headlines that could signal…………..


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