October 28, 2018 12:00 am

This Week In Dash: October 22-27

This week has been another fabulous week for Dash with some awesome news developments! Continue reading to get a summary of the week!

Dash Adoption of the Week:

  • Dash Columbia Expands Adoption with Dash Invites Program: Dash Colombia’s Invite program prioritizes Dash adoption and education in local neighborhoods to increase the likelihood that Dash usage will continue beyond the event. So far they have done 15 Invite events, average around 4 a month, and may do up to 10 Invite events in November. The attendance varies from a low of 15 to a high of 96 with an average of 30-40 individuals. Their program has allowed Dash adoption to surge beyond 100 merchants in a couple months by talking directly with merchants and showing them how Dash can benefit them.
  • Kenyan Business Owner Accepts Dash: A meat barbecue restaurant, Betty’s Place in Nyeri, Kenya, has made BBC headlines for accepting Dash in addition to Bitcoin. The business has only gotten limited payments in cryptocurrency so far, but does regularly host meetups to engage and educate the local population. The business acceptance is a sign of Dash growing in everyday use around the world.
  • Pooled Dash Masternode Services Nears 10 Shared Nodes: Shared Dash Masternodes are becoming more popular as individuals wish to gain access to the returns, but do not have the 1,000 Dash required for their own Masternode. CrowdNode, a Dash Masternode pooling service, has recently announced that they have increased their number of shared nodes to 5. Then Neptune Dash, the publicly traded company that operate 21 Dash Masternodes for investors, has recently announced their 3rd pooled Dash Masternode and are near completion of their 4th and 5th pooled Masternode. This signals a rising interest and confidence in the Dash network despite the bear market.

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