December 1, 2020 1:45 am

ShopinBit: Pay with Dash – How does it work and what are the benefits?

Two weeks ago we published an article on how to send payments via the Lightning Network and the advantages of doing so. This week we would like to turn our attention to the cryptocurrency Dash, which is already used by many of our customers, as it offers very cheap and instant transactions. In the future, we will also cover all other cryptocurrencies that we accept, each in a separate article.

What is Dash?

Dash is the abbreviation for “Digital Cash”. The goal of Dash is to create a cryptocurrency that is simple enough to be used by any consumer without any prior knowledge. This ease of use also includes low fees and fast transaction times. To make sure that transactions are as fast as possible, a technology called InstantSend is used, which ensures that transactions are secured by the masternode network after only about 2 seconds. Previously InstantSend was a special feature that could only be used by certain wallets, but now every transaction benefits from this increased speed.

Which wallets support Dash?

If you want to use a cryptocurrency, you must first download a suitable wallet. In order to find the right wallet and not to be taken in by a scam, it makes sense to go to the official site of the corresponding cryptocurrency. On there is aย download areaย where all reputable wallets are linked. Besides the official wallets you can also find several multicoin wallets (Exodus, Jaxx, Edge, etc.) that support a variety of cryptocurrencies. In this article we would like to concentrate on the official wallets, whose development is financed by the Dash DAO.

Dash Core

The Dash Core Wallet is the most important Dash Wallet, which is also used to operate a full node (and masternode). If you choose Dash Core you have to download a complete copy of the Dash Blockchain, but you ……………


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