May 14, 2020 1:20 am

Sending cryptocurrency via text message (Dash Text)

”When a technology is developed that fulfills an important need and is so easy to use that people adapts to people can use it without learning anything new, mass adoption will occur silently but assuredly.”

How does it work?
This technology allows people to send cryptocurrency to each other using cell phone text messages. The technology allows you to use the person’s phone number as their public wallet address, as long as you both have asked your cellphone service providerS to set up a text message cryptocurrency wallet called a SMS Text Wallet. Once you both have a SMS text wallet for the same cryptocurrency, you can also text cryptocurrency to other people who have signed up with that same SMS Text wallet provider.

Special Advantages for Countries with unreliable electrical or internet service, or expensive internet service
Sending cryptocurrency via text messaging doesn’t require internet service. This means you don’t need the internet, only a cellular signal for the transaction. This means that the electrical power goes off you can still buy stuff with your cryptocurrency. If you can still use your mobile phone, then you can still send and receive cryptocurrency.

The Important role of the SMS Text wallet Service Provider
The SMS text wallet provider matches your cell phone number to your actual internet based cryptocurrency wallet. The SMS Text Wallet service provider accesses the internet to access the actual cryptocurrency wallets, confirm balances and insure all transactions are recorded on the blockchain. You can request balance and transaction information from your cellular service……….


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