October 7, 2014 8:27 am

Please Update To v10.14.1 – Masternode Security Update

****** Due to an attack on the network, we’ve patched the masternode list syncing functionality. ***

This attack was a simple exploitation of the fact that we were not checking that the signing key correctly, and it was possible to sign with an invalid key. This resulted in the attacker gaining control of the majority of the masternode list for a short period of time. As soon as users update and restart their clients, the network will return to normal.

– This update simply verifies that the signature was not forged and that the masternodes entering the list are authentic.
– After the patch was applied, there were 857 masternodes active.

All users please update to the latest binaries as soon as possible! Thanks


10.14.1 RC5 Binaries: All Users

Windows .exe: https://github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin-binaries/raw/master/darkcoin-
Mac OSX: https://github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin-binaries/raw/master/darkcoin-
Linux: https://github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin-binaries/raw/master/darkcoin-


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