February 10, 2015
7 min read

11.1 – InstantX release!

We are excited to announce the release of Dash Core v0.11.1! We have decided to push out InstantX in a...

January 22, 2015
6 min read

Dash’s solution to Bitcoin’s public ledger

The author of this article is Paul Bleak (AKA ‘pbleak’). Recent news have provided possible evidence for something every self-respecting post-Snowden...

January 15, 2015
6 min read

Happy Birthday Dash

18th January 2014 – Dash was officially launched by web developer Evan Duffield. It was initially called ‘XCoin’ however it...

December 10, 2014
7 min read

Dash Gains Acceptance In The Online Gaming Market

Online gambling and sports betting is a thriving industry that seem especially suited for cryptocurrencies. With the emergence of the...

December 6, 2014
5 min read

The Dash Foundation Is Open for Business

We are thrilled to begin admitting members to the Dash Foundation today. We are asking for your money in the...

November 13, 2014
2 min read

Onyx V2 – Security Update is out!

Due to some issues that were brought up by a researcher, we’ve revised the Darksend protocol extensively to enhance the...

November 3, 2014
3 min read

CEX.IO Offers Dash Trading

In the afttermath of the recent Moolah/Mintpal bankruptcy case, the altcoin community has ramped up their search for secure and...

October 16, 2014
12 min read

Onyx (10.15.16) Release Now Available

ATTENTION: POOL OPERATORS This update includes a fork, all daemons and stratum deployments must update their code to pay the...

October 10, 2014
5 min read

Dash Now Trading at CCEDK

ccedk.com, a Danish exchange renowned for its security, have announced that they are now accepting Dash. Trading with Dash will...

October 7, 2014
2 min read

Please Update To v10.14.1 – Masternode Security Update

****** Due to an attack on the network, we’ve patched the masternode list syncing functionality. ***This attack was a simple...

October 1, 2014
9 min read

Development Update – October 1, 2014

Darksend seems to be very stable and now that we’re open source and we’ve passed an audit I think it’s...

September 29, 2014
3 min read

Open Source Announcement and Future Plans

Hello Everyone! Today, September 29, 2014 Darksend was completely open sourced. This means that we’re no longer going to be...