December 5, 2019 1:20 am

Dash Explorer to be Updated to Insight on January 7th at 2pm GMT

Currently, is based on the Abe API, which is outdated and has limited functionality in comparison to the new and improved API, Insight. We have made the internal decision to update Dash Explorer to the Insight API. Previously, we deployed an instance of Insight which can be viewed here:ยย for testing and to verify that the new functionality would be sufficient for Dash explorer purposes.

These changes will affect any users who are currently using the API on, as the API change from Abe to Insight will create differences in the underlying software. We recommend that users of the current API upgrade their application to use the Insight API to ensure future compatibility. To help make this process a smooth transition for users of explorer.dash.orgโ€™s API, we will temporarily service API requests using the old Abe syntax for an additional 3 months after the software upgrade has taken place.

The Dash Explorer will be updated to Insight on January 7th at 2pm GMT. Once the change has been made, the old ABE based block explorer API will only be available at Please note that this legacy instance will not be supported and will not include any guarantees regarding uptime or long-term availability after this date.

Author: Michael Seitz
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