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July 11, 2016 9:32 am

From Darkcoin to Dash – The Story of the First DAO

Before The DAO, there was Dash, the first decentralised autonomous organisation. The story of Dash is a story of constant, relentless pursuit to improve cryptocurrencies as we know it. It started as XCoin, then DarkCoin, and finally rebranded to Dash in March 2015 – short for ‘digital cash’. Currently, the Dash team is working on the Dash Evolution, the world’s first Decentralised Application Programming Interface (Open Source). Let’s start from the beginning.

Dash’s Improvements over Bitcoin

Dash (then XCoin) is a privacy-centric, open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and created by software developer Evan Duffield after he was inspired by Bitcoin’s software. Created in 2014, it’s appeal from the start was privacy – Dash allows users to remain anonymous while making transactions. On top of that, the digital currency uses the anonymization technology called PrivateSend (formerly DarkSend) that anonymizes transactions by mixing your transactions with others. This, according to its developers, were improvement #1…….

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