August 21, 2020 1:11 am

Dash Demos Decentralized Twitter and Merchant DApps Leveraging Blockchain Usernames

Dash has demoed four separate decentralized applications (DApps) leveraging blockchain accounts and usernames, including a basic username wallet, a Twitter alternative, a merchant point-of-sale app, and an online merchant back-end system. These DApps are live and able to be tested on Evonet, a developer testnet for Dash Platform, and showcase a potential integrated DApp ecosystem possible with a single decentralized login.

In a recent video by Dash Platform community developers, four different DApps are demoed: a basic username-enabled wallet named EvoWallet, a Twitter alternative named Jembe, a point-of-sale merchant app called Checkout, and a merchant back-end system called InStore. Users create a username via EvoWallet, and use this wallet to authorize logins and payments with the other DApps, including creating a social media profile on Jembe and paying an invoice on Checkout, whether scanning a QR code for a one-time payment, logging in with a username and PIN, or adding the merchant to a contact list for more streamlined future payments.

All four DApps are currently able to be tested in conjunction with each other.

One decentralized login to access unlimited apps while maintaining control over data

The video highlights the key value proposition of Dash Platform: a single blockchain account tied to a human-readable username and allowing protocol-level contact lists, which can be used to access any number of applications while maintaining full user control over data. In the example of a wallet or payments system, the username, contact lists, and payments history (including data on payees, reason for payment, etc.) are all in possession………….


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