July 1, 2020 12:33 am

Earn up to 12.5% in Rewards On Gift Card Marketplace eGifter With Dash-Back

Dash and eGifter are working together to provide Dash users with the ability to purchase digital gift cards from hundreds of brands using Dash. Through the Dash gift card marketplace, Dash users have access to gift cards from countless brands at any time, anywhere with the ease, speed and security of Dash.

Dash and eGifter have relaunched DashBack on the eGifter platform. Users will receive DashBack rewards for every gift card purchased with Dash, which they can redeem at any time. The return of this…………
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Author: Newsroom
Original link: https://newsroom.dash.org/101075-earn-up-to-125-in-rewards-on-gift-card-marketplace-egifter-with-dash-back

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