November 12, 2020 1:04 am

Darkcoin to Dash: The 5-Year Fight to Rebrand a Privacy Coin

Dash was an early adopter of privacy features. Half a decade later, it still can’t shake its presumed association with illicit activity.

In brief

  • ShapeShift recently delisted Dash, along with Monero and Zcash, from its trading platform.
  • Dash, a Bitcoin fork, contends its transaction protocol is the same as Bitcoin’s.
  • Dash, now known for pushing “digital cash,” retains an optional coin mixing feature.

In the spring of 2014, Wired ran a story titled “Darkcoin, the Shadowy Cousin of Bitcoin, Is Booming.” It was about a nascent privacy coin that was selling for nearly $7.

If you’ve never heard of Darkcoin, that’s because it’s now called Dash. And although it was the first coin to integrate CoinJoin mixing, its contributors say it’s now no more a privacy coin than Bitcoin. So, when ShapeShift recently delisted Dash, along with privacy-first Monero and privacy-optional Zcash, the group that helps run the Dash network took issue.

“We’ve always had a fully transparent blockchain with all inputs, outputs, amounts, addresses fully transparent,” Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor told Decrypt. “We’re very proud of our implementation of CoinJoin, but there’s no legal basis for treating Dash ……………

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