March 25, 2015 9:59 pm

Darkcoin Is Now Dash

Our vision has always been to create a private and instant payment platform (e.g Digital Cash), for the benefit of the majority. This is our ethos and most important goal. Recently it became apparent that the Darkcoin branding was getting in our way, so in order to accomplish our greater mission, we decided rebranding was necessary.

Effective today, Darkcoin is rebranding to Dash, which stands for Digital Cash. The ticker is DASH and all the other feature names stay the same (Darksend, InstantX). We are only changing the name, no technology is affected by this. The coin, the blockchain and the people will stay the same. Users donโ€™t need to act on this, their coins are the same and there is no risk for them. Today we are releasing a new wallet with the new brand, but the old one will still work until there is new mandatory update with a new version in a few days.

This was announced to users and services a few days ago to give them time to prepare, but expect some coexistence of both brands for some time while everyone adapts.

We are very excited about the future that this rebranding process will bring us and would like to share it with you.

Forums and social media profiles have also changed or are in the process of doing so:

Official forum:

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