January 28, 2021 2:37 am

CrayPay Gets Investment From Dash Investment Foundation

CrayPay, a leading loyalty platform operating in the U.S. aimed at streamlining instant rewards for users in online and store chains, has received an investment from the Dash Investment Foundation. The cooperation agreement foresees the connection of Dash as a means of payment at more than 155,000 merchant locations and 75 retail websites in the US. The retailers in question include such prominent brands as Best Buy, Domino’s GAP, Lowe’s, Staples and others.

Dash Core Group has coordinated with the investment provided by the Dash Investment Foundation to allow the creation of a white-label version of the application developed by CrayPay specifically for users of Dash. The low transaction fees provided by Dash will allow the application to offer users broader shopping opportunities at a wider range of merchants, in addition to savings at higher rates than those offered by the regular CrayPay app.

“The application provided by CrayPay offers a convenient and versatile platform for Dash users to spend their assets in the U.S. across …………….


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Author: Jared Polites
Original link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/craypay-gets-investment-dash-investment-185439460.html

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