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Congrats to Yoana Castillo, CEO, Dash Mall Parking for being on Wirex ‘Rising Women in Crypto’

‘Rising Women in Crypto’: The Longlist

Oct 2, 2020, 7:24:00 PM Published By Wirex Team

Wirex, in partnership with The Fintech Times, have officially announced the inspirational longlist of ‘Rising Women in Crypto’. Having closed entries for nominations last week, the ‘Power List’ received an incredible 367 entries, with the top 10 set to be revealed early next month.

What is the Power List?

The ‘Power List’ was created as part of Wirex’s inaugural ‘Women in Crypto’ campaign, to celebrate women working in the crypto fields that are rarely recognised for their incredible achievements. Being a stereotypically male-dominated industry, Wirex is endeavouring to shine a light on exceptional women, to give others the confidence to get involved themselves in a flourishing sector. For the past month, individuals have had the opportunity to nominate themselves or someone they know who they believe to be advancing the world of crypto.

The longlist of all women nominated has now been revealed, showcasing women with a variety of experience and diverse backgrounds. This ranges from those holding junior and senior positions, newcomers, long-standing advocates of crypto, and those working in both startups and multinational companies. Women from over 50 countries………….

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