December 19, 2020 1:26 am

DCG Head of Marketing

Dash Core Group is officially kicking off the process to select a Head of Marketing.

We believe marketing will become an increasingly important function in the months and years to come, and DCG intends to invest in the function more than we have in the past. Dash is already the most user-friendly cryptocurrency in the market, and with Platform and DashPay nearing our mainnet launch, reaching the mainstream users and developers that these new capabilities are meant to target will take on new importance.

You can find the full job description HERE, but we’ll summarize the essential functions and competencies of an ideal candidate in this post.

The first essential function is to drive DCG’s adoption initiatives, particularly in LatAm. This is DCG’s main strategic market and we aim to ensure potential users of Dash are aware of the benefits, know how to access it, and have opportunities to use it. Much of this is done in concert with local projects and partners. Our Head of Marketing will need to act in a coordinating role and step in to help or cover areas that are not covered by other organizations.

The second function is to promote the project in the crypto industry. Our technology, partnerships, and adoption news are incredible, and we need to ensure good news gets the attention it deserves. We do this through a combination of channels and assets. This work is partially performed by other projects in the ecosystem and our Head of Marketing will need to coordinate, but in other cases, he or she will need to perform the work directly.

In both capacities, the Head of Marketing will support both the product and business development teams, since their output is the content for much of our marketing efforts.

Because this role will be the only full-time marketing role in DCG, an ideal candidate will need to be able to work with partners and external teams comfortably. It is also important that this person is able to pivot from planning and frameworks that others execute, to building themselves when needed. Finally, time management and prioritization will help this candidate make the most of our marketing capacity.

We have partnered with August Venture Talent (“AVT”) for this search. If you know of strong candidates that could effectively lead the marketing function of DCG, please encourage them to reach out to AVT directly at [email protected]. The candidate should send their resume or LinkedIn profile. Ideally, we would like to complete the selection process during December, so that the candidate can start in January and we can together make the most of 2021.


First introduced in January 2014, Dash is a global digital currency (cryptocurrency) with instant transactions focused on delivering a superior user experience. Based on the Bitcoin software, Dash offers the improvement of a two-tier network for secure transactions and scalability.

The main business entity for Dash cryptocurrency is Dash Core Group (DCG), created in 2017 with headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, with approximately 30 team members in various locations around the world.

Dash operates a decentralized governance and budgeting system, making it the first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Early 2021 marks the upcoming launch of the much anticipated Dash Platform and Dashpay wallet, which together make using Dash as easy as many of the most popular mobile payment apps. This revolutionary new platform positions Dash as one of the top innovators in the crypto space.

In spite of fluctuations in the cryptocurrency markets, Dash has experienced its ninth consecutive quarter of transaction activity growth. Dash’s recent market capitalization, as the product of market price and circulating supply, has been in the $900M to $1B range. (See Coin Market Cap Table)


The upcoming launch of the Dash Platform and Dashpay wallet offers an extraordinary opportunity to participate in the go-to-market strategy for a groundbreaking consumer-focused technology on a global scale within the pioneering cryptocurrency space. Dashpay represents exponential growth possibilities for the Dash ecosystem in offering the benefits of a blockchain-based payment method and form of currency that is as easy to use as Venmo.

Beyond the exciting challenges associated with the global Dashpay launch, the Head of Marketing will define the overall Dash Core Group marketing strategy, determine the right tactics and, as growth dictates, build the marketing team. This role is critical for Dash’s growth and success by making a strong contribution to driving user adoption, adding reinforcement to business development and product marketing efforts, and promoting contagious enthusiasm and loyalty within the Dash community.

Working alongside a CEO whose management style affords a high degree of autonomy and freedom, and smart, passionate coworkers, you will feel empowered to bring your best game.

The wide range of unique personalities and mesh of cultures that makes up the Dash ecosystem creates an environment that both inspires and stretches. If you enjoy challenging your creative capabilities, driving results through a scrappy approach and generating organic user growth through social media and content marketing, this will be an energizing experience.

There is a strong mission-driven aspect to Dash as an element of financial freedom for those in nations with broken or unstable economies. Currently, Venezuela is the market in which Dash is experiencing the strongest growth.

This is a fully remote position.


The Head of Marketing translates Dash Core Group objectives into multifaceted marketing strategies and tactics to promote growth, viability, and sustainability of the Dash ecosystem.

Primary goals involve driving adoption and increased usage of Dash as currency, reinforcing business development efforts to create and maximize partnerships with merchants and vendors, and supporting product marketing efforts to showcase and promote interaction with Dash technology developments and integrations. Creates an appealing and beneficial social and web presence to increase visibility, influence and engagement with target audiences and Markets.


  • Develop overall marketing plan in alignment with Dash Core Group objectives, including strategies, tactics, timelines and budgets, as well as ad hoc marketing initiatives to meet unforeseen opportunities or needs
  • Create promotional programs, marketing communications and/or collateral materials to maximize business development and product marketing goals, including support for go-to-market activities customized to geographic markets, new programs, integrations, product launches or product enhancements
  • Define Dash’s brand image and messaging to consistently convey a compelling and unique value proposition across all touchpoints
  • Create and sustain an energetic social presence by devising and executing social media marketing strategies utilizing the most conducive platforms and methods to attract and engage target audiences, maximize Dash brand awareness, and organically drive user acquisition
  • Develop and manage content marketing to build Dash’s reputation, promote community engagement and drive new traffic, including creation, curation and dissemination of a range of well-timed, high quality, relevant communications across various channels
  • Ensure that Dash’s web presence is aligned with strategic objectives, maximizes engagement and effectively showcases Dash technologies
  • Leverage analytics, testing, research and insights to evaluate effectiveness of marketing programs, platforms and tools
  • Coordinate or monitor marketing and public relations efforts of volunteers and other organizations in the Dash ecosystem with common strategic plans and objectives, ensuring consistency with DCG objectives and congruency of efforts
  • Build marketing team as need emerges, including hiring, development and supervision
  • Select and manage marketing services vendors and agencies to support marketing strategies and objectives


  • Measurable growth and success resulting from managing multiple marketing functions in a startup or high growth environment, with demonstrated ability to be flexible and scrappy to get results with lean budgets and staff
  • Experienced with go-to-market strategies and launches in multiple geographic markets
  • Bi-lingual fluency in English and Spanish
  • Masterful proficiency in social media planning and management, with strong instinct and skill for engaging audiences and gaining desired outcomes
  • Highly skilled in content marketing management, including content development and campaign ideation and creation using various media and platforms; proficient with email marketing tools
  • Inspiring leader and people manager
  • Impressive as both a strategic and creative thinker, with exceptional problem-solving ability
  • Passionate about serving and advocating for the customer
  • Team-oriented and able to work with a wide range of personalities
  • Exceptionally organized, with ability to maintain boundaries and to prioritize effectively
  • Knowledgeable of current marketing automation and technology, with hands-on technical capacity to manage and build tools and programs
  • Data-driven, skilled in use of analytics, A/B testing, and digital advertising metrics
  • Supplier and agency management
  • Willing to work on U.S. Eastern Time schedule during normal working hours (UTC−05:00)

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