January 23, 2020 8:46 pm

Dash Tokenomics AMA W/ Ryan Taylor on Tues Jan 28th at 4 pm UTC

In December Dash Core Group opened a discussion concerning Dash economics with the community because we believe that they can be improved. After a few weeks of discussion on different channels, we would like to share some of the analysis we’ve performed internally, and begin narrowing down what we feel are the most viable options.

Ryan Taylor will be hosting an AMA session next Tuesday, Jan 28th, at 4 pm UTC in our subreddit to share some of our analysis and discuss a potential solution that would involve a block reward reallocation between miners and masternodes, masternode shares at a protocol level, and a more flexible proposal allocation. Adjustment to the new allocation would happen very slowly over a period of years, with the intention of dampening the effects of the decreasing block reward without risking major disruption to the ecosystem. Nothing has been decided yet — only masternodes have the power to make the decision to change. We don’t yet have full internal consensus at DCG, but we want the community’s involvement before advancing further with this proposal.

The AMA is scheduled for next Tuesday, Jan 28th, at 4 pm UTC.

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