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AMA with Ryan Taylor and Binance U.S. Transcript

A huge thank you to Dash Community member Macrochip for putting this transcript together! This is the transcript of an AMA with Ryan Taylor and Binance US. The AMA was held on Binance U.S.’s telegram channel with prizes awarded for correct answers or if their user submitted questions were selected to be answered by Ryan. The AMA took place Monday 3/30/20 at 7pm EST.


Ilir, [31.03.20 01:00]

Don’t panic! You’re not banned, you are just muted for portions of the Dash & Binance.US AMA

The AMA will be happening as follows:

1⃣ Segment: Imabinang will have a Q&A with Ryan about Dash. Make sure you follow closely as some of the responses will

2⃣ Segment: Segment 2: Ryan will ask the chat a total of 5 questions. A link to a google form will be sent into the chat for each question, so a total of 5 Google forms. Each Google form will accept submissions for 2 minutes. Participants must fill in: (a) the answer — (b) your Binance.US referral id — © your Dash wallet address — (d) personal Telegram handle. There will be a pool worth $400 of $Dash to be distributed equally amongst the winners.

3⃣ Segment: Chat asks Ryan questions. Take some time to think up some really good questions if you want to be a winner. Tom will select 5 of the best questions after the AMA, as the lucky winners who will receive 20$ worth of $Dash each, making that a total of $100 $Dash.

🗣 In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you are required to perform all the tasks for Segment 2 and Segment 3. Remember, unique and quality questions will be taken only into consideration! 🗣

🔶 Last but not least, the total airdrop quantity will be $500 worth of $Dash. Have fun!

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:00]

[In reply to Matt Duchow]

It’s just a chat on this channel — Keeping it simple

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:01]

Hello world! Good evening US Binancians 🥳

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:01]

Welcome to another series of Binance.US AMA! I am your co-host for today, alongside @imabinang and @tmccarthy94!

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 01:01]

Hello everyone 👋🏼

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:01]

Today, our AMA will be all about an awesome project, Dash!

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:02]


Ilir, [31.03.20 01:03]

And as the guest for today, we will have one of the most brilliant and entrepreneurial minds in the space, Ryan Taylor (@Ryanptaylor), who is the CEO of Dash Core Group!

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:03]

welcome @ryanptaylor !

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:04]

We appreciate you taking the time from your busy day to be our guest for this AMA! Really excited to get this going!

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:04]

Thank you! Glad to be here with everyone.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:04]

Hey Ryan!

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:04]

Before we get into the AMA segments, I’m sure the chat wants to know a bit more about yourself and why did you get into crypto? @ryanptaylor

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:06]

Sure… I’ve spent my entire career focused on finance and technology. Back in 2012 and 2013, I was working as an analyst at a hedge fund, covering fintech and payments, and I kept seeing Bitcoin mentioned in various payments industry publications. After the third or fourth time hearing about it, I became intrigued and looked into it more deeply. With my background in finance, economics, technology, and payments, I instantly recognized the potential and got sucked down the rabbit hole. At the same time, I was quite realistic and recognized the many flaws it has as a payments technology, and that it can’t address all payments use cases equally. I started evaluating other projects from that time, and Dash was among the most interesting projects to me, and it was still a small and accessible team at the time. It was also aspiring to remain true to the vision of digital cash, which meant scalability, privacy, usability, and focusing on needs that cryptocurrency can address.

By 2016, I’d become increasingly involved with the Dash team, and decided to formally join as Director of Finance for the core team, and a year later, assumed the CEO role. It’s been an incredible journey with an incredible group of professionals that have delivered innovation after innovation.

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:08]

Wow that’s amazing, really great to see such an interesting background. Appreciate the introduction! I will now hand over to @imabinang who will kick start Segment 1

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:08]

Let’s do it!

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:09]

Hi Ryan — I’m going to ask a few questions in this first segment so you can explain what Dash is about and currently doing in the market today! Q1: Could you please tell me what Dash cryptocurrency is? What problem does it solve?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:12]

Dash is a digital currency that is focused on the payments use case. Dash gives its users the freedom to move their money anywhere, to anyone, instantly, for a fraction of a cent. Because transactions are instant (about 1.8 seconds… faster than a credit card authorization), it is one of the only cryptocurrencies suitable for use at store checkout or for other time-sensitive transactions. Dash is also incredibly secure, as it has eliminated 51% attacks when we introduced a new technology called ChainLocks (which eliminate chain reorganizations of all types, not just attacks). Additionally, features including micro-fees, trustless security, and governance all enable Dash to provide the most secure and usable blockchain to date.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:13]

Dash solves many of the challenges with legacy payment systems. For example, in Venezuela, Dash is widely used… While hyperinflation of the bolivar is certainly a driving factor for that, there are many other challenges with local payment methods that we help to address. Dollars are beginning to become more commonplace, but a lack of change (nothing circulates less than the one dollar bill) and smaller bills cause significant friction for small transactions. Moving value cross-border is also a significant challenge through traditional remittances due to differences in official exchange rates and the black market. Payment systems and electric utilities are often unreliable that payment equipment depends on. With a large and growing base of merchants accepting Dash, users can solve many of these issues. They can receive remittances in Dash, spend at local merchants, and it works even when traditional payment infrastructure doesn’t like during a power outage. Dash also eliminates chargebacks for fraud-targeted industries, slow transaction speeds, and high fees for remittances, among many others. We are always looking for new use cases with Dash and with the release of Dash Platform, the solutions we can solve have massively expanded.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:14]

Very cool. And smart. Can you expand a little bit about the Dash Platform? What is that about?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:16]

Dash Platform introduces a number of new features to the network. It includes a decentralized API, the ability to store data IN the dash network, and ability to create an identity (username based) and interact with other users via their usernames. It enables developers to build apps for Dash for the first time, that reside on the Dash network.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:18]

The first application we’re launching is called DashPay… think an app like Venmo or Cash App. We are running Dash Platform on a public testnet now, and just opened it up to developers to build and test their own applications. We’re in the testing process with the aim to roll it out to mainnet soon.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:19]

Sounds like it truly meets the definition of a useful platform! Looking forward to hearing more about that. OK, Q2: What is the advantage of keeping the Dash token for a long and short term?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:20]

In the short term, Dash is the perfect cryptocurrency for use in payments. With thousands of merchants accepting Dash, and partners in payments allowing for direct conversions from crypto to fiat, you can use Dash to purchase just about anything. Many exchanges offer instant or near instant deposit times. This makes depositing and trading a frictionless experience for users. Naturally, there are also trading benefits given the InstantSend feature which allow traders to quickly move value to take advantage of market opportunities such as cross-exchange arbitrage.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:22]

There are a number of ways holders of Dash can benefit long-term as well. In our network of partners, there are a number of services offering Dash staking, and these options are growing rapidly. For those who own a 1,000 Dash or more, there is an opportunity to operate a masternode and earn a portion of the block rewards. Masternodes are an additional layer to the Dash network that perform special functions for the network, such as processing ChainLocks and InstantSend transactions, and voting on proposals submitted to the DAO (each masternode gets one vote). In exchange for these services, masternodes are compensated with block rewards in a similar manner to miners. Masternodes earn about 60–70 dash per year currently.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:23]

The global remittance market should love this! Very good. Can you talk just a little bit more about ChainLocks for us newbies?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:23]

Yes, happy to expand on that…

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:25]

Every time a new block is published, a random but deterministic set of 400 masternodes essentially “vote” on the validity of the block. Within about 6 seconds, the masternodes resolve the block and issue a “ChainLock” which is a cryptographically verifiable message that lets the network know that is the ONLY valid block for that block height.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:26]

Thanks so much Ryan. I must say this is exciting to learn about the latest tech from Dash.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:26]

Even if an attacker were mining a longer chain in secret, the secret chain is instantly invalidated by the validly issued block. In this way, there is no incentive to attempt 51% attacks, and they are impossible without controlling most of the Dash coins in circulation.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:27]

Wow. impressive and secure. Love it! On to Q3: What projects are now using the Dash stack? Tell us more about the projects currently building on Dash.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:28]

We have many projects around the world building on Dash through the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) or who have integrated Dash as a form of payment. Related to the former, the Dash DAO funds many initiatives to grow the Dash ecosystem. A full roster of the teams that are currently seeking funding can be found at dashnexus.org which tracks the current vote totals.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:29]

One of our largest concentrations of teams and efforts is in Latin America. In Brazil, Dash Brazil is developing educational programs and forming partnerships with major companies in the region. These include exchanges and use cases such as utility bill payments among others…

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:30]

In Venezuela, we have multiple teams working to grow Dash and this is the geographic area we’ve seen the most adoption. One of these, Dash Help, is an organization which educates users on how to acquire and use Dash. Another, Dash Mall, is turning local malls into Dash ecosystems by enabling parking lots and other merchants to accept Dash. This has resulted in significantly improving the efficiency of the parking structures within these malls compared to the system which required the use of cards or cash. Dash Text, another Venezuelan team has developed technology that allows users to send and receive Dash through an SMS enabled phone (e.g., non-smart phone) to fully utilize Dash for payments. Our team, Dash Core Group, builds on these initiatives by building partnerships and integrations into the region. In Europe, Asia Pacific, U.S./Canada, and Sub Saharan Africa, you can see many inefficiencies being overcome with Dash through our community DAO organizations and the team at Dash Core Group.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:31]

In general as well, many companies across a number of use cases, industries, and regions are utilizing Dash as a form of payment. If you’re interested in viewing businesses near you that accept Dash head to: Dash.org/where-to-spend/. To get started with Dash, download the Dash Wallet from the Apple or Google Play Store. We’ve seen continuous growth in our transaction counts and will set another new record this quarter for about the 6th quarter in a row!

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:32]

Wow — So Dash is already utilizing SMS for transactions? Can you share any more about that?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:33]

Users can learn more about DashText, which is available in the U.S. and many other countries at https://dashtext.io/.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:34]

It’s a really convenient way to send Dash to people without them even needing to set up a wallet first!

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:36]

Thank you so much. That’s amazing and very interesting for our viewers I am sure… Just a couple more Qs for you Ryan. You already touched on this but maybe you can go just a bit more into it — (Q4) what problem does Dash solve in the crypto industry?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:39]

Dash has focused on the overall user experience, which means making crypto easier to use. This is especially true of the user experience typical in the space… waiting for multiple confirmations. We believe that if you speed up the experience, it is fundamentally better. That also means you need to be scalable. Dash has tested scalability up to PayPal like levels through our partnership with Arizona State University’s blockchain laboratory. So we can scale instant transactions and make the experience better for users.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:41]

OK! Can you touch a little bit on privacy and Dash’s approach and position regarding and around privacy for the users and the industry as a whole?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:43]

Early on into the project’s history, the first feature we released was a coinjoin integration into our desktop version of the wallet. We named this integration PrivateSend and Dash was primarily regarded as a privacy-centric coin. However, Dash continued focusing on the overall user experience for payments and have released a number of additional features including InstantSend, ChainLocks, and Dash Platform which are all aimed at making Dash an ideal payments network. You can check out this post on our blog describing why we should not be categorized as a “privacy coin” from a regulatory standpoint…

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:45]

To summarize though:

1) Dash is a fork of Bitcoin without any changes to the transaction ruleset. Dash is actually built upon a fully transparent blockchain with all inputs, outputs, and amounts fully auditable on the blockchain exactly like Bitcoin.

2) Bitcoin has since deployed CoinJoin as well and is now widely available through tools, desktop wallets, and mobile wallets.

3) We have actually processed a PrivateSend transaction on the Bitcoin Network (following the same mechanisms and steps as Dash’s) proving the results for Bitcoin and Dash are identical

4) Dash is partnered with many KYC/AML service providers that allow exchanges and money services businesses to meet all compliance obligations in the exact same manner as they would for Bitcoin.

In short, there was a period last year when there were concerns circulating that Dash may be excluded from exchange listings due to PrivateSend, but through education, we’ve addressed those concerns for the exchanges.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:46]

Nice! So glad we covered that important point! Sounds like Dash is doing some very heavy lifting, solving and innovation for this vertical. Last Q: What are the future plans for Dash? Do you have any exciting things down the pipeline that you can share?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:49]

As I mentioned earlier, we are currently developing Dash Platform, which adds many new capabilities to the network. These capabilities will allow developers to easily build Dash-native applications. Through offerings such as our decentralized API (DAPI), decentralized name service (DPNS), and new SDKs (software development kits… make programming easier!), developers will be able to easily create applications that leverage Dash as a payment method while providing the user experience that consumers have come to expect from traditional payments apps… username based, fast, and easy to use.

In effect, our work on Dash Platform turns the network into a decentralized, consensus-backed database-as-a-service. We are providing the missing data layer in the industry’s vision for a decentralized web. Our product is analogous to a decentralized version of Cloud Firestore from Firebase. By registering a data contract (i.e. database schema) with the platform, users can benefit from Dash consensus being performed against the state of your data as users submit and retrieve information from the network. One of the first use cases for the platform is our decentralized name service, which provides human-readable usernames that will replace the need for exchanging cryptographic addresses to make payments. In addition, Dash Platform is crucial to the major upgrades we are making to our wallets — called DashPay — which will allow for contact lists to be stored in the network (and synced across your devices), payment by username, and, in general, a user experience on par with any major payments application. All of this will come without sacrificing any of the security and privacy that makes decentralized networks so valuable.

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:53]

I’m in Ryan. I remember the first thing that intrigued me about the Blockchain was decentralization. You are keeping with the core values that started this industry. Thank you so much for talking with me about Dash today. I must say you blew me away Ryan. I’m seriously impressed. Now, I’ll kick it over to Tom for Seg 2! Cheers!

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:54]

Cheers! Thank you for the chance to share everything that’s going on.

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 01:55]

Thank you @imabinang for asking excellent questions. Let’s now move on to Segment 2. Ryan will ask you, the chat, 5 questions! We will link a Google Form on the chat for each question, so a total of 5 Google forms will be posted on the chat!

Each Google form will open for 2 minutes. Participants must fill in: (a) the answer — (b) your Binance.US referral id — © your Dash wallet address — (d) personal Telegram handle.

There will be a pool worth $400 worth of $Dash tokens to be distributed for the people that answer 3/5 questions correctly and input the required fields. If you miss any of these requirements, you won’t get any prize.

So let’s start with the first question Ryan, what would you like to ask the community?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:57]

OK, everybody… I hope you were paying attention!

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 01:57]

What is Dash’s greatest competitive advantage over other cryptocurrency networks?

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 01:58]

Okay chat. Here is the google form to fill out your questions. You only have 2 minutes! Quick!


Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 01:59]

1 minute remaining!

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:00]

Time is up. Let’s move on to question 2. Ryan, what’s your second question?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:01]

OK, this next question is more of a survey question… there are no right or wrong answers, so it’s kind of a freebie… Following the explanation provided on why Dash is not a privacy coin, how much do you agree or disagree?

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:02]

Good luck everyone, link for question 2 is below:


Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:04]

Clock is ticking, 45 seconds…

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:05]

Time’s up! Ryan, what’s your third question for the community?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:05]

Where can you go to learn where to spend your Dash for goods and services?

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:06]

Great question! Submit your answers below:


Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:07]

1 Minute on the clock 😀

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:08]

Time’s up. Time for question number 4. Ryan, what do you want to ask?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:09]

By the way, one of my favorite ways to spend Dash is through giftcards.dash.org… you can get deep discounts at major U.S. retailers (when the country reopens anyway).

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:09]

Next question…

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:09]

What is Dash Platform?

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:10]

Thank you for providing that link. I’ll be sure to use those discounts. Submit your answers below:


Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:13]

Time’s up. Now on to our final question. What’s your last question for the community?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:14]

How do you get started using Dash?

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:15]

Everyone, may the odds be ever in your favor. 2 minutes to answer this question!


Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:18]

Time is up. Thank you to everyone who submitted answers.

@ryanptaylor — are you ready to start the 3rd and last segment?

Now the chat asks Ryan some questions! Take some time to think up some really good questions if you want to be a lucky US Binancian. Ryan will answer as many questions as he can and select 5 of the best questions to win 20$ of $Dash each, making that a total of 100$ of #Dash!

Now the chat asks Ryan some questions! Take some time to think up some really good questions if you want to be a lucky US Binancian. Ryan will answer as many questions as he can and select 5 of the best questions to win 20$ of $Dash each, making that a total of 100$ of #Dash!

We will shortly open the chat for you!







Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:18]

Let’s go!

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:21]

Give me a minute to sort through a few questions here and pick some interesting ones.

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 02:22]

Take your time. I hope everyone is enjoying this AMA. I sure am having tons of fun

Quake 🐼, [31.03.20 02:23]

Fantastic AMA so far!

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:23]

@Roger_bitcoin asked “Hi Ryan, if we go with the block reward reallocation, what do you envision the final reallocation to be, and do you have a draft version of the change over time schedule you could share?”

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:25]

For background, masternodes currently receive about 45% of the block reward and we are in the process of increasing that allocation. We are considering a shift over time toward a higher allocation, which will increase the ROI of operating a masternod.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:28]

After the introduction of chainlocks, the core team plans to propose less of an allocation to miners and shifting that to masternode operators. I’ve been working with a number of experts to look into the ideal reallocation and it turns out even a minor reallocation could have a significant positive effect on market volatility and price. At present, we plan to do a gradual reallocation of about 10%, which would make the allocation to masternodes up to nearly 55% of the block rewards. This change would occur over a period of about 4 years, and would smooth out the growth of our circulating supply inflation, and make Dash a better store of value.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:29]

The change would be more heavily weighted on upcoming quarters and gradually reach the new target. You should expect to see a final plan ready to be voted on by the end of April.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:29]

Next question asked by @John51286…

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:30]

Hi Ryan, i really like the newly redesigned of Dash Wallet sir but my question is how secured and safe is the wallet compared to other wallet apps? And what is the security mechanism of dash to ensure user assets do not become the target of hackers?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:32]

The mobile wallets we offer are similar in security to other lite clients in the industry. Mobile wallets are meant for everyday transactions where the tradeoff between usability and security needs to be taken into account. Therefore, its not ideal to store large amounts on your phone. For that a hardware wallet would be best. But for the convenience of everyday purchases, we think we have the right trade-offs in our mobile wallets.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:33]

We offer users the ability to back up a passphrase for recovery, FaceID and fingerprint access, and other customizable security features for our users.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:35]

In general, any level of security that is available with Bitcoin is available within the Dash ecosystem. This includes custody solutions like BitGo, hardware wallets like Trezor and KeepKey, and software wallets for desktop and mobile for smaller amounts.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:35]

Next question is from @erven12…

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:36]

What is the biggest benefit of using Binance US to buy Dash?

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:37]

Binance is one of the most trusted names in crypto exchanges. Binance U.S. is committed to compliance, transparency, and user experience. It also offers a lot of pairs, which if you are trading altcoins can allow you to rebalance your holdings on the one exchange.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:38]

In addition, we’re working with Binance on a number of features that will make trading Dash on Binance.US even more differentiated in the future.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:38]

They’ve been great to work with and they’re as great with customers as they are with partners.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:39]

Question 4:

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:40]

This question is from @JP_Morgan_Chase (but I’m assuming not the REAL one)… lol

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:40]

“What roles will DASH play in DIF and Does the DASH team will come with any project for DIF?”

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:41]

For background for everyone, the DIF is the Dash Investment Foundation. The DIF was created last year and is a legal entity that can invest on behalf of the network itself. It is a memberless and ownerless legal entity controlled by the network.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:43]

Dash Core Group created the DIF but it is a completely independent legal entity. We regularly refer projects seeking funding to the DIF to see if they are interested in investing in companies building businesses on the Dash network. It’s really up to the DIF to decide whether these opportunities are worth investing.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:44]

So we cooperate regularly to help the Dash network grow. DCG focuses on building the software and business development / marketing for the network. The DIF contributes capital to companies that can help Dash grow. Our efforts are intended to be highly complementary.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:45]

Last question #5!

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:46]

This one is from @yusuf451 who asks… “The issue that is currently on everyone’s lips is that of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the world economy, this was reflected even in the sharp drop in BTC. How has this situation affected the Dash project? Have they had to cancel face-to-face events and paralyze their schedule? What plans do you have to overcome or recover what is lost once we manage to get out of this pandemic?”

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:47]

Dash Core Group consists primarily of a remote workforce spread all over the world. We use online tools to colaborate, so our operations have been largely unaffected by the pandemic. However, some things like conferences we were planning to attend have been canceled.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:49]

Along with the rest of the crypto market, we have seen our price affected, and the Dash budget is denominated in Dash, so a lower price affects our budget. Luckily, we have built a substantial reserve precisely for these types of impact, so we’ve had to make no changes to our team or efforts thus far, and don’t anticipate needing to do that anytime soon.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:51]

In general, the system is designed to be highly resiliant. Even if DCG were rounded up and thrown in jail for whatever reason, the network has the ability to direct its resources to new teams that would carry the torch forward. Dash is the longest running DAO… since 2015 without interruption. It’s worked very well for us.

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:51]

Alright! That’s a wrap! I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Ryan Taylor, [31.03.20 02:51]

I hope you found some of the questions from the community as interesting as I did.

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