October 14, 2017 12:00 am

Dash: A Governance and Privacy Coin That’s Surprisingly Easy To Use

Dash is a governance coin previously known as DarkCoin. Its followers include Max Keiser and are so hardcore that many dismiss Dash as a pyramid scheme. But did anyone actually try using Dash? Andreas finds out.

Today I’m reviewing Dash, a governance/privacy focused coin. Dash forked off from Bitcoin with the name DarkCoin and later re-branded to Dash.
TL;DR: Dash is easy to use and has exciting governance/privacy features.
The Dash (DarkCoin) project launched January 2014 and was mostly ignored until the Bitcoin civil war made investors look to governance coins.
The DASH token has a market cap of $2.2 billion (1 DASH = $300). It processes around 5,000 transactions per day.
I usually write these reviews on the weekend. This one is different. The goals are many and time consuming. It took weeks to complete the review. Enjoy!


Author: Andreas Brekken
Original link: https://shitcoin.com/dash-a-governance-and-privacy-coin-thats-surprisingly-easy-to-use-11160e565ce0

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