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October 24, 2018 12:00 am

Dash Core Software Version Number Change

Dash Core Software Version Number Change
The purpose of this post is to share a change in version number for the next Dash Core software update.

Dash Evolution will include a series of major updates to the Dash payment network to improve usability of our system and expand the universe of possible use cases for Dash. In a big step towards that end, we are excited to share that we are approaching the release of several exciting protocol features such as Deterministic Masternode Lists and Special Transactions. Up until recently, we had been referring to this as Dash Core release 0.12.4. However, due to the magnitude of this software update and in keeping with proper semantic versioning practices, we have decided to change the release number to 0.13.0.

With this update our development team will take us many steps closer to Evolution than we had previously anticipated back when we first called it release 0.12.4. For example, the Deterministic Masternode List system will essentially guarantee that all nodes in the network can agree on the masternode list via on-chain data, avoiding the risks associated with inability to reach consensus. (This has not historically been an issue for the small quorums used for InstantSend, but limits uses of the system that require larger quorums.) We also want to convey to network actors that this is a major release with a mandatory update in order to remain on the network.

Okay, so what does that mean for the release that includes Blockchain Users (originally referred to as 0.13.0, or the “first Evolution release”)? We will now refer to that release as 1.0. Release 1.0 will be the first of several releases that incrementally introduce the market-leading Evolution functionality never before attempted on the blockchain. We believe it is only appropriate that we graduate the version numbers to signify this important milestone for Dash.

Stay tuned for a product brief with a bit more detail on what’s included in release 0.13.0.

Author: Elizabeth Robuck
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