August 27, 2019 1:41 am

Venezuelan Pharmacy Chain to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

A Venezuelan pharmacy franchise will now accept dash cryptocurrency payments, through an integration with Panda Exchange’s proprietary payments system.

The Farmarket retail chain is piloting a dash-enabled point of sale system, XpayCash, that will allow customers to make instant cryptocurrency transactions, the Dash Core Group announced Monday. The payment rail will be rolled out to 22 pharmacy locations over the next two quarters.

Dash representatives will provide on-site training during the first two months of operations as part of the company’s efforts to onboard potential cryptocurrency users in the country, Panda Exchange partner Robert Mozo said in a press release.

Of the approximately 4,900 merchants that accept dash globally, nearly half are located in Venezuela, the press release said.

Much of this headway has been made by DiscoverDash, which began by offering dash training to smaller firms and family owned businesses, but has grown to attract more established enterprises.

Additional onboarding efforts were led by Dash Merchant Venezuela, which…………..


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