May 18, 2020 12:07 am

VegaWallet Opens Public Registrations for VegaPay; Will Initially Support BTC, DASH, ETH, ….

Malta-based leading crypto wallet VegaWallet announced on Thursday the launch of public registrations for VegaPay; a new cryptocurrency enabled payments system. As per the official post shared on Medium, the wallet is targeted towards business, encouraging them to accept crypto payments to reduce costs and improve customer engagement.


VegaWallet Launches Public Registration For “VegaPay” Cryptocurrency Enabled Payments System. VegaPay supports invoicing and transaction creation for , , , & . @Dashpay

VegaWallet Launches Public VegaPay Registration

VegaWallet launched our cryptocurrency enabled payments system for public registration today. This service was previously only available…

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Crypto payments is an increasingly growing industry, especially in emerging markets of Asia and Africa. Similarly, the demand for distributed payment systems also has a healthy demand in the European and South American countries. This makes the scope of growth quite high for VegaPay………..


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