May 12, 2020 12:14 am

To celebrate their partnership with Dash, KuCoin will launch the “Deposit to Win Dash!”

To celebrate our partnership with Dash and the integration of Dash’s InstantSend feature, KuCoin and Dash have launched the “Deposit to Win DASH!” Campaign exclusively for qualified KuCoin users. Users who take part in the campaign will be in for a chance to win one of several DASH prizes.

Learn more about InstantSend

To highlight the user experience benefits of the new integration, the two promotions accommodate up to 445 lucky winners who will get a share of DASH.

Part 1: Flash DASH Deposits

Deposit Time: Every 10:00:00 and 22:00:00, from May 12, 2020 to May 14, 2020 (UTC+8)

Round 1: 10:00:00, May 12, 2020 (UTC+8)

Round 2: 22:00:00, May 12, 2020 (UTC+8)

Round 3: 10:00:00, May 13, 2020 (UTC+8)

Round 4: 22:00:00, May 13, 2020 (UTC+8)

Round 5: 10:00:00, May 14, 2020 (UTC+8)

Round 6: 22:00:00, May 14, 2020 (UTC+8)

Number of Winners: 3 per round

Prize: 0.66 DASH per winner

Activity Rules:

Deposit any amount of DASH to KuCoin at the deposit time. The 3 fastest qualified users will win. Winners can only claim one prize.

The winners list will be announced daily on our official Twitter account:

Part 2: Deposit DASH and Win a Share of 80 DASH!

Deposit Period: From 10:00:00 on May 12, 2020 to 10:00:00 on May 19, 2020 (UTC+8).

Activity Rules:

During the activity, users who meet the below requirements for the DASH net deposit (deposit-withdrawal) competition on the KuCoin exchange platform will be entered to win a share of the 80 DASH reward. Winners can only claim the highest prize they are eligible for.

The rewards are as follows:

  1. The first user with a net deposit of more than 150 DASH wins 15 DASH.
  2. The second user with a net deposit of more than 150 DASH wins 8 DASH.
  3. The third user with a net deposit of more than 150 DASH wins 6 DASH.
  4. The first 24 users who meet the net deposit of more than 50 DASH will each win 0.8 DASH.
  5. The first 400 users who meet the net deposit of more than 2 DASH will each win 0.08 DASH.

*Winners can only claim the highest prize they are eligible for.


  • Net DASH deposits = DASH deposits minus withdrawals. Deposits from a KuCoin address are not included. Users may trade the DASH that is deposited.
  • The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the activity.
  • The final rankings will be updated within 3 days of the competition ending. Rewards will be distributed within 7 days of the campaign ending.
  • Participants are eligible to win prizes across both promotions above.
  • API traders will be excluded.
  • KuCoin reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this activity.

Thank you for your support!

The KuCoin Team



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