July 31, 2020 12:22 am

Raising the Security Bar? Dash Claims a 51% Attack Is Not Enough

Dash recently claimed it had been the world’s safest cryptocurrency for a year due to its innovative technology called ChainLocks that allegedly makes a 51% attack nearly impossible. Fully implemented in early July 2019, ChainLocks has not yet seen any protocol capable of matching it — according to the Dash Core team.

Well-known Bitcoin (BTC) educator Andreas Antonopoulos recently suggested that with the Bitcoin blockchain, a 10-minute 51% attack would cost around $1 billion — something that sounds unrealistic to achieve. But what makes Dash’s ChainLocks blockchain supposedly more secure, and what is the importance of this technology for the industry as a whole?

51% attack: A lurking danger?

A 51% mining attack is possible when a miner, or group of malicious miners, has more hashing power at its disposal than the combined hashing power of all other miners on the network. Ultimately, it gains leverage to steal coins, cancel transactions and disrupt the operability of the………….


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