June 3, 2016 10:57 pm

FXOpen Becomes First Retail Forex Broker to Offer Dash Trading

Crypto traders can now access ETH/RUB and DSH/BTC with FXOpen.

Retail forex broker FXOpen is again showing its commitment to cryprocurrency traders by launching Dash-based pairs and being the first ever in the market to do so. The firm announced that it is now offering DSH/BTC as well as ETH/RUB (ether/Russian ruble) for both its demo and live crypto users.

We expected this move by FXOpen last month when the brokerage first added Ethereum support with ETH/USD and ETH/BTC pairs. This was done not long after BTC-e revealed that it had successfully completed the addition of two new trading pairs based on Ethereum and Dash. At the time we predicted that this move by BTC-e might help Ethereum and Dash become more popular with active retail MT4 traders, especially in Russia and China.

Natalia Zakharova, Head of Global Sales at FXOpen, commented to Finance Magnates: “After we introduced ETC/BTC and ETC/USD in May 2016 we received a lot of positive feedback from our clients and significant interest in ETC liquidity. So the next logical step is to anticipate our clients future needs and introduce dashcoin, which is a hot new instrument right now.”

Dash, the cryptocurrency formerly known as DarkCoin, marked its second birthday back in January with a vote among its stakeholders to increase the blocksize from 1 MB to 2 MB. Evan Duffield, creator and chief architect of Dash, shared his thoughts with Finance Magnates about this move and his creation at the time.





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