July 25, 2020 1:29 am

Dash Text + Dingo Delivery: Buy groceries, fast food, and more from any store in Caracas!

Cryptocurrency adoption in Venezuela has gone through various stages, starting with grassroots small merchant door-to-door adoption, then bigger chains accepting dash, and more recently integrations with payment processors and POS systems who can make many merchants accept Dash in one go.

During this entire process, we, the teams who have worked on Dash adoption have learned that going one merchant at a time is a titanic, never ending task, so we wonder: “How could we sign up large numbers of merchants in one go?” what a dream that would be.

Well I’m extremely happy to announce that starting today Friday July 25th, 2020, if you live in Caracas, that dream basically becomes true.

How to buy anything with Dash: Dash + Dingo.

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Dingo is an incredibly awesome delivery service that is now accepting Dash thanks to the work of the Dash Text and Dash Help teams. But Dingo is not a regular delivery service…………

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Author: Lorenzo Rey
Original link: https://medium.com/@lorenzoreycamejo/dash-text-dingo-delivery-buy-groceries-fast-food-and-more-from-any-store-in-caracas-c51a61ded5a2

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