March 8, 2023 3:02 pm

Dash improves the integration on the ePaymints partnership

With this improvement over 1000 Brands in US can be onboarded Dash in an easier way

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ., March 6, 2023 — Dash Core Group is pleased to announce a renewed and expanded partnership with ePaymints, an innovative female-led fintech with an appetite for web3 payment solutions. ePaymints allows vendors and marketplaces to integrate cutting-edge technology into their business with the intent of enhancing their buyer’s journey.

Due to a strategic partnership ePaymints is able to offer unique payment solutions for a wide variety of companies. These solutions allow their partners to offer a unique experience to their customers in turn. In addition to powering DASH, ePaymints also has active partnerships in the NFT, AI, eSports, restaurant point-of-sale, and mobile payments industries, as well as other exciting web3 endeavors. 

Fueled by female talent, ambition and passion, ePaymints delivers a fresh approach to the electronic payments industry. After spending over two decades working with fintech firms and countless account wins, founders Jodi Durst and Kimberly Coley decided to launch their own independent firm. ePaymints is built upon a foundation of strong relationships, genuinity and collaboration. 

Dash has been proudly working with ePaymints since 2018, and this improved partnership consists in a significantly improved UX and onboarding process for clients, and will leverage focus on educating the Dash community on how to use this service to onboard even more online stores, merchants and retailers to accept Dash. Thanks to a seamless integration for Dash, the ePaymints team can onboard new Dash accepting merchants with an easy onboarding process.

“We are excited to grow our partnership with Dash Core Group to make it easier to bring Dash as a payments method to our users via the ePaymints integration. We serve many large verticals including eSports, Dining, eCommerce, and others, and being able to offer them an easioer path to Digital Cash is something we have been doing for some time as we know the demand is there for a cryptocurrency that works, therefore integrating in a more direct way is the best approach we could take. With our partners and friends at Dash Core Group, we make a committed team that is ready to provide automated solutions for our user base and more.” Said Jodi Durst, Co-Founder and CEO of ePaymints.

Because of unique features like the proprietary InstantSend, Dash is used as a preferred method of payment for those who need to make high-speed, low-cost crypto transactions. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to spend their Dash or limit their spending to infrequent purchases because they don’t find as many locations where they can easily do so. This integration keeps growing the 150,000 network that Dash has built in the US, and cements Dash as the driving force behind crypto usage.

Ernesto Contreras, Dash Core Group head of Growth, said: “The improved integration with ePaymints greatly increases Dash’s accessibility and allows users to accept payments in Dash throughout the growing retailer base of ePaymints. This new stage of the partnership also heavily aligns with our growth efforts in the region. We look forward to continually offering an alternative and reliable payment method for those in the US, the Americas, and the world as a whole.”

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ePaymints prides ourselves on providing the best customer experience possible, coupled with hands-on support for every client, every step of the way. All while keeping your information safe and secure, guaranteed. So regardless if you’re just launching your business, or if you’re a seasoned vet who is unhappy with their current payment or banking solutions, ePaymints has your back. Forget the big brand bots, talk to a real person at ePaymints today, or visit us online at

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