September 10, 2019 2:38 am

Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor Reiterates Dash Is the Most-Used Cryptocurrency in Venezuela


Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor repeated that he still believes Dash is the most-used cryptocurrency in Venezuela, despite publicized claims to the contrary.

In a recent interview for the Cake DeFi YouTube channel, Taylor mentioned some recent articles, including a piece by CoinDesk, casting doubt on Dash’s adoption in Venezuela. He reaffirmed his belief in the adoption progress being made in the country, noting the initial success from adoption groups such as Dash Merchant Venezuela which famously signed up large numbers of merchants:

“The progress we made in Venezuela is real. We see evidence of it growing constantly. We’re managing to sign up larger and larger chains. We just signed up our largest chain: 22 pharmacies in Caracas, and we’re in negotiations with point-of-sale systems at this point. None of that work would be possible without Dash Merchant out there having built up a couple of thousand initial mom-and-pop type merchants. I think that the work in Venezuela is going to continue.”

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