June 30, 2020 12:30 am

CryptoRefills Announce 30% Reward Bonus If Users Redeem Loyalty Points In Dash

CryptoRefills and Dash Next announce as part of their ongoing partnership a special loyalty points rewards bonus for current and new Dash users.

Last month CryptoRefills announced its brand new loyalty program through which users paying with cryptocurrency for mobile top ups and gift cards earn points for each purchase. Once CryptoRefills users earn enough points, they can redeem crypto as a reward for their loyalty. Thanks to the special partnership between Dash Next and CryptoRefills, as of today, users redeeming their rewards in Dash instead of other cryptocurrencies, will get 30% more value for their points…………..
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Original link: https://newsroom.dash.org/101305-cryptorefills-announce-30-reward-bonus-if-users-redeem-loyalty-points-in-das

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