June 17, 2016 4:02 am

Core Team Budgeting Update

Strategic planning and resource planning / allocation are critical components to the smooth functioning of any organization. This planning is especially important for a project like Dash, where our resources in a given month can fluctuate with the price of Dash.

At the end of last year, we began formalizing these processes, starting with a clearly defined long-term and 2016 strategy & roadmap. So we have very clear ideas about what we wanted to accomplish and execute.

However, with large purchases last year such as dash.org consuming much of a (looking back now) quite meager budget, we have often found ourselves in a reactive stance to expenses or reimbursing costs to core team members that fronted expenses on the network’s behalf. We also risked using the available budget in a sub-optimal way if lower priority items just happened to be submitted before higher priority ones.

With some good planning and well-deserved price appreciation this year, we are finally in a position to stop being reactive and start being proactive in our budget and resource planning. The core team recognized the emerging change in our position a couple of months back. Seeing a path to finally get ahead of the problem, we’ve been undergoing an extensive process to plan our resources for the second half of 2016.

After many grueling 3-hour long planning sessions to align our funding with core team priorities, we are pleased to announce that we have concluded the process and have an overall plan for the rest of the year, and an ongoing budgeting / prioritization process in place to update the plan as funding amounts and opportunities change.

There were several principles the core team has incorporated into the processes, drawing on best practices from my consulting days, but modifying things to account for our status as a decentralized organization and less-predicable non-fiat income sources. Here are some of the key principles:

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