January 9, 2021 2:27 am

Building dApps On Dash: An Interview With readme

With Dash on track to release its long-awaited Dash Platform on Testnet before the end of year, strong developer interest is starting to ramp up in anticipation of its Testnet launch, and Mainnet launch is scheduled for Q1 2021.

According to the official documentation, “Dash Platform is a technology stack for building decentralized applications on the Dash network. The two main architectural components, Drive and DAPI, turn the Dash P2P network into a cloud that developers can integrate with their applications.”

To help educate and inform users about the upcoming release, Dash recently published a video series on YouTube presented by Amanda B. Johnson which simply explains Dash Platform’s four key components: Dash Drive, Decentralized API (DAPI), Usernames via Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS), and the Dash Platform Protocol (DPP). The video mentions how Dash Platform’s DAPI will be the world’s first Decentralized HTTP API.

Dash Platform is currently in its Evonet developer phase with a growing community of devs exploring, building and testing the network to discover what’s possible.

To learn more we reached out for an exclusive interview with an active Dash community developer using the alias ‘readme’ to get the inside scoop about Dash’s exciting multi-year release called Dash Platform.

Why have you chosen to build apps on Dash Platform and not another blockchain?

I am highly interested in Web3, the Internet-Of-Things, Big Data and monetization aspects of these for an individual. The advantage of Dash Platform is that developers can begin coding straight away in Javascript and utilize the blockchain with its …………………


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