September 13, 2022 8:49 pm

Twitter report for @dashpay January – July 2022

As some in the Dash community are aware, a new team started managing Dashpay’s social media this year. This new team is led by Ernesto Contreras,  Marina Siradegyan and the social media manager from Dash Help as outside contractor for content creation, with the goal to increase engagement and improve the brand voice for Dashpay during this cycle of the market. Previously the account was managed by the DCG marketing team, as well as the newsroom DFO; the transition to the new team happened in Q2-2022, and we want to share data to present our initial results, share learnings by comparing approaches to the media, and most importantly share our vision of a path forward for this very important channel for Dash, which is key for any respected crypto project.

We want to refresh the approach to building the Dash brand and voice, and we are leveraging our strengths of being an OG in the space, being truly a reliable and stable chain, and being the best, and most widely accepted payments focused crypto in the space. 

Our overall tactic for the twitter channel has been the creation and sharing of content around two key pillars:

  • Technical focused content
  • Daily cool crypto content

The technical content pillar includes creating, and sharing and commenting mostly on DCG technical content, but also community led activities; these activities include sprint reviews, DIF member activity, write ups and more. We want to allow people to see that Dash keeps building!

Our other pillar, the “cool crypto content” is aimed at engaging with outside crypto enthusiasts, and it’s planned to be light, and sometimes edgy and always updated. We also started commenting on other people’s posts and spaces as this will bring more eyes to our account.

We build content ahead of time and share within a planned calendar. All of this has created a better way to make sure we have a lot to say as a brand, as the business development integrations, Dash regular news, and outside comments are added to our pipeline of content. This is -in my experience- the best way to manage and grow our visibility and relevance within the crowded crypto social media crowd.

In order to achieve this growth we are focusing on our twitter channel, and we are increasing the amount of content, measuring our actions, and taking some risks in order to make sure we find good ways to increase engagement amongst our 424,000 followers, and get to a new audience, because Dash will only grow by attracting more users, and allowing them to discover all of our benefits.

After our initial experimental period of 2 quarters focusing on twitter, we will expand the best practices and learnings to other social media platforms, but due to our massive reach, and the fact we can utilize this channel with a small additional cost we will use twitter as our core go-to-market channel for our communications.

Now, let’s get to the data

As of today, our @dashpay account increased posting frequency to 278 tweets per month, from an average of 44 tweets per month during the first four months of the year; specifically during the May, June, and July quarter. This work has allowed us to interact with the community, increasing by more than 50% the responses to our followers’ comments, doubts, and questions. In turn, we have obtained an average of 816.6K monthly impressions, representing an increase of 56.4% in the first 4 months of the year.


We have focused on creating content that increases interaction and builds loyalty among our community of followers, opening a channel (Twitter) for disseminating information, knowledge, debate, and promoting Dash and its qualities. 

Our content is created on 5 communication pillars:

  1. Connection: Content that seeks to create a bond of trust with the community of users and partners. 
  2. Buy: Content about Dash’s status in the market, such as its price, places where you can pay with Dash, promotions, etc. 
  3. Educational/Informative: Content highlighting Dash’s benefits and updates.
  4. Interactive: With this pillar, we open a space for the community to express their opinion about different aspects of Dash and the crypto world through polls, memes, and contests. 
  5. Emotional: These contents seek to inspire and make the community reflect on their financial situation through quotes from significant figures in the economic and financial world.

The results obtained for each pillar are shown below:

We keep an eye out for partner Interactions!

During this period, we interacted with almost 20 of our partners through RT, comments, and spaces, which allowed us to increase our reach through their accounts and create a close link with the members of these communities.


During this last quarter, we increased our content 9X, increased our replies 2.5X and managed to achieve 2 to 3 X more engagement despite the bear market. 

We did this by creating a full pipeline of content, measuring what works and what doesn’t, creating communication pillars and making the most of our already created content.

We will continue cleansing the account from bots and inactive accounts, because it is better to have an account with 200,000 engaged followers, than 400,000 silent accounts. (I am not stating in any way we will drop to half our followers, but I am just expressing an extreme comparison to share my vision)

With the initial data shared, and what I have previously seen working with brands, I feel the initial results are great; as you can see interactions peaked a month after kicking in the new strategy, and are trending to a new higher base after the first 3 months because of the way most social media algorithms work. Our next steps are to repeat the actions that get the best results, and continue to experiment, in order to expand best practices and new actions. Sometimes we will take risky approaches, and other times we will be conventional, but it all will be done the way great marketers operate: Being creative for content, and being mathematical for analysis.  

Please make sure you follow us at @Dashpay and like, retweet and comment on our content! Even if you do not like something, say it there! Your comments will let us know how we are doing, and also share with the rest of the world the Dash DAO is alive, kicking, and ready to keep taking the world by storm!!


About the author

Ernesto Contreras

Marketing and Business Development

Venezuelan engineer, full time crypto since 2016. Dash Core Group global head of Marketing and Business