May 4, 2020 10:04 pm

Results of The Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust Elections

The second annual election of the trust protectors of the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust has finished. Unlike the previous instance, when Dash Core Group and Dash Watch split the work, Dash Watch has managed the process completely. The purpose of this announcement is to serve as a second reference to the process, and to help amplify the message.

We are pleased to confirm the following candidates have been elected by the Dash network as trust protectors for the 2020โ€“2021 term, in alphabetical order:

  • Hytham Abdel-Karim
  • Amanda Johnson
  • Michael Lewis
  • Mark Mason
  • Darren Tapp
  • Perry Woodin

The original tally of the results can be found at Dash Watchโ€™s website. The full details on the calculations, the raw voting data, and the masternode list snapshot are available directly from them in Excel format; and so are the votes as json.

Three of the elected protectors are currently serving as such already, so we are sure that the transition will be smooth.

Thank you to all of the candidates and masternodes who participated in the election. Dash governance is second to none and we should all celebrate milestones like this one.

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