March 7, 2019 6:17 pm

Product Update — March 7, 2019

Product Update — March 7, 2019

Hello Dash Community!

Here’s what’s going on Dash Core Group this week.

🚀 Over 60% masternodes registered with the Deterministic Masternode List (still waiting to hit the thresholds we outlined for spork 15 activation — you can read more about that here)

⏭ Dash Core v0.14 on devnet

📦 Created NPM package for BLS library in DAPI

🔨 Fixes in Drive deploy tool and dp-services-ctl tests

⚖️ Implemented new navigation designs and ability to show/hide balance in DashPay

📱 Began rolling out DashWallet (iOS) v2.2.3 (spork 16 support) and v2.3.0 (code refactoring and bug fixes)

💥 Implemented fix for pin entry crash in DashWallet (Android)

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