January 11, 2020 10:46 pm

Product Update β€” January 11, 2020

Hello Dash community!

Here’s what’s been going on at Dash Core Group this past week.

πŸ‰ Completed a series of backports to keep DashCore up to date with Bitcoin v0.16

🚎 Fixed a few crash issues in DashCore when user requests shutdown while another action is happening (e.g. rescanning the wallet when node starts up)

πŸš› Made a change in DashCore to use smaller LLMQs for integration tests to reduce CPU load on Travis/Gitlab

πŸš€ Completed work to allow developers to assign Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS) data triggers to DPNS contracts on Evonet. Data triggers are functions that execute upon a specific change in an application state, similar to a smart contract.

🎸 Implemented Welcome and Transaction History Status screens as part of the DashWallet UI redesign on iOS.

πŸ–Œ Implemented Transaction Detail, Spending Confirmation, and Payment Threshold screens as part of the DashWallet UI redesign on Android and fixed several bugs.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Completed work on designs for User Registration in DashPay iOS and Android for Evonet.

πŸ“‹ Implemented identity management in WalletLib.

πŸ”¨ Completed work in DashJS SDK to support local devnets and implemented several key functions, such as Get/Register DPNS domain.

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