August 8, 2019 8:38 pm

Product Update — August 8, 2019

Hello Dash Community!

I hope everyone was able to tune in to the quarterly call earlier today. If not, you can check out the recording here:

Quarterly aside — here’s what’s been going on at Dash Core Group this week.

👨‍🎨 The Dash Platform team deployed Query Syntax on the latest devnet, which will provide application developers with an easier way to request data from Drive. For example, this simplified query syntax will allow the DashPay app to more easily retrieve pending contact requests and user profile information, among other things. In addition, this change prevents against potential attacks whereby an attacker could flood DAPI with requests.

📱 DashPay implemented a story for Account Activity for when a transaction is received. Users will see activity on their home screen, and when a new transaction is received, a card will display showing the incoming transaction.

🍻 The ability to log out of Uphold was implemented on DashWallet (Android), along with a UI update for the entry screen when the app is freshly installed and a fix for a bug related to sweeping paper wallets.

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