April 20, 2022 3:23 pm

Dash Listed on Stonoex, Brazil’s innovative Assets Exchange

Exchange partnership will feature Dash-Brazilian real and Coffee Coin as part of the integration


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ., April 17, 2022 — Dash Core Group is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Stonoex, one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil, and one of the most innovative firms in the world, working on bridging the Digital and physical markets right at the source level.

In Stonoex, users can trade from cryptocurrencies into coffee, fertilizers, real estate, carbon credits, wine bottles and other tokenized assets and commodities. We are happy to work together to welcome more users and use cases to the new digital economy.

Dash will be  launched with the Dash/BRL and Dash/Coffee Coin trading pairs; thanks to the enablement of these pairs, Stonoex investors will be able to exchange Brazilian fiat for Dash, and also trade with the coffee coin pair. Coffee Coin is a coffee-backed Stablecoin, and the base value is guaranteed by Minasul, a cooperative with more than 60 years of tradition in the Brazilian market.

Ernesto Contreras, Dash Core Group’s Head of Business Development, said: “The integration with Stonoex greatly increases Dash’s accessibility and allows users to access Dash throughout Brazil, Latin America and the World. The partnership also heavily aligns with our growth strategy in the region, especially with our continued efforts in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and other countries. We look forward to being able to continue offering an alternative and reliable payment method in Latin America and globally.”

 As a second stage, Stonoex will be working to enable Dash payment acceptance in thousands of different locations in the regions of São Tomé das Letras, Três Corações e Varginha in the state of Minas Gerais. These locations are accredited by Coffee Coin, so that crypto enthusiasts can pay with Dash on a daily basis.

James Franciscus,  Stonoex CEO said: “The launch of the Dash/BRL and Dash/Coffee Coin pair reinforces our commitment to making cryptocurrencies the main means of payment and security against inflation. Through the launch, we will bring merchants and investors together in a single environment through our platform, allowing everyone worldwide to reach real Brazilian commodities.”


For more information or questions about Dash or Stonoex, please follow our twitter @Dashpay and @stonoex.

 Ernesto Contreras, Dash Core Group’ Head of Business Development, and James Maia, Stonoex CEO, are available for interview


About Dash

Dash is a payments-focused cryptocurrency that allows millions of individuals across the globe to carry out instant and secure transactions, with near-zero fees. It is accepted at almost 200,000 merchants globally, accessible via 3,300+ ATMs and 100+ exchanges worldwide. Dash has pioneered groundbreaking features including a two-tier network of incentivized nodes and decentralized project governance, instantly settled payments, and a fully secure blockchain. The Dash Network’s development is supported by Dash Core Group, the largest organization funded by the Dash Treasury. For more information, visit https://www.dash.org/.


About Stonoex: 

Business hub focused on developing solutions for the new digital economy, with expertise in applications for blockchain technology – especially asset tokenization in Brazil and leading the tokenization of brazilian commodities. Offering services as well as a cryptocurrency exchange, Stonoex. com, created in 2019 after the incorporation of one of the pioneer companies in the sector in Brazil, Bomesp (Bolsa de Moedas Empresariais do Estado de São Paulo). Visit: https://www.stonoex.com/.

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