November 20, 2019 3:04 am

Cryptobuyer Partners with Dash Text for SMS Cryptocurrency Purchases

Cryptobuyer, a popular Latin America-focused exchange and merchant point-of-sale system, has now partnered with Dash Text to bring simple SMS cryptocurrency exchanges to their merchant solutions.

Jorge Farías, CEO of Cryptobuyer highlighted that this integration helps bring Dash to “people who do not have smartphones, especially because the statistics of smartphones in Venezuela is decreasing”. Cryptobuyer will work by interfacing with Dash Text’s unique “Purchase Command” that will communicate with the point-of-sale to display a 5 digit code for the consumer. The customer then just has to send “PURCHASE” to the 5 digit code to make the purchase and send their Dash to the desired wallet address, which will occur as fast as any other Dash transaction.

Cryptobuyer previously…………


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