November 13, 2019 2:09 am

Dash Text Decentralized Charity Relaunches Platform with Three Schools and New Payment Gateway

Dash Text, the popular Venezuela-based Dash platform that enables individuals to send Dash via SMS text, has relaunched its decentralized charity donation platform with a new design and more recipient schools to further improve the program.

According to the new website, Dash Text Charity shows that 45 Dash ($3,204 USD) has been raised so far for the three schools that they currently have integrated into the system. There are “50 students per school [in] the program, schools are located in different places across Caracas, all from impoverished neighborhoods”, according to Dash Text CTO and co-founder, Lorenzo Rey. The defining characteristic of Dash Text Charity is its distributed nature since donors can send Dash to an address and the money is instantly, evenly, and automatically distr……………


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