August 18, 2022 3:06 pm

Dash unveils new ways to buy Dash in the Android Dash Wallet, thanks to a streamlined integration with Coinbase products

The option allows users to leverage payment methods linked to their Coinbase account for an easy fiat onramp, as well as quick and easy ways to swap Dash in their Mobile Dash Wallet.


Phoenix Arizona,

Dash Core Group is announcing a new option for users to buy, exchange and use Dash in their mobile wallets thanks to a deep integration with the Coinbase suite of products. The primary goal of the features Dash is working on with the Coinbase API, is to provide users with quick and easy ways to get Dash to their Dash Wallet. Users can now have simple, frictionless cash in, cash out and swap functions through our integration with the Coinnbase API.  We see this as a winning formula for  Dash  as it will allow a very easy and straightforward fiat on and off ramp.

The first version of the integration provides four features; buy Dash with fiat, buy Dash with crypto (i.e. a swap), transfer Dash to Coinbase and transfer Dash from Coinbase.  

The buy with fiat option allows you to use any payment option that you have linked to your Coinbase account (debit card, bank account, PayPal, Google Pay or your internal “Cash” account) to buy Dash.  The convert option allows you to use any of the cryptocurrencies that you hold in your Coinbase account to be swapped for Dash. All purchases are immediately transferred to your Dash Wallet.  You can also easily transfer Dash to and from your Coinbase account and Dash Wallet.

As more merchants and gift card services accept Dash as a form of payment, Dash Core Group aims to make improvements to the Dash Wallet so that our users can have a more traditional financial experience by providing banking, earning and payment features.  For users who tend to avoid using crypto in their everyday lives due to price volatility; the ability to easily convert other cryptos into Dash let’s users keep their crypto in various states on Coinbase and other platforms for more sability (i.e. stable coins) and income (staking / earning).

The Coinbase platform provides many ways to easily get going in the crypto space; regardless if you have accounts with one or more exchanges, you can create an account with Coinbase to benefit from these features.  One great way to start reaping the benefits of DashDirect so you can get discounts at over 150k US retailers is to do direct deposits into your Coinbase account and have it automatically converted to Dash or your preferred crypto and then you can purchase or transfer the Dash to your Dash Wallet whenever you are ready to spend it. 


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