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Buy, Sell, Exchange Dash

Dash can be acquired, held and exchanged in many ways.

Corredores de Bolsa

  • Bitpanda
  • Changelly
  • Shapeshift
  • Magneticexchange

Over the Counter (OTC)

Buying or selling large amounts of Dash on exchanges can cause price slippage, resulting in the buyer or seller receiving less value than intended. Large buy orders push the price higher, resulting in overpayment. Sizeable sell orders do the opposite, resulting in less value received for the Dash you sell. Fortunately there are “over the counter” or OTC solutions, where a vendor pairs buyers and sellers, allowing them to conduct large transactions off the exchanges and free from slippage.t things like a new website, pr budget, etc. The benefit to you is, you can get many more coins at the current price, than what are available on any exchange. So you can get into a Dash position much easier/cheaper than would otherwise be possible.


Compre Dash en línea

Convierta su moneda local a Dash y envíelo a su monedero

Compre Dash

Negocie con Dash en una casa de cambio

Negocie con monedas locales en una casa de cambio

Negocie con Dash

Compre Dash en un cajero

Compras instantáneas con Dash desde un cajero en su país

Localizador de cajeros

Compre directamente con Dash

Compras anónimas e instantáneas en línea, directamente desde su monedero Dash

Más comerciantes

Compre en tiendas que aceptan VISA

Tarjeta de débito Visa-Dash sin tasas a extranjeros y móvil "tocar y pagar"

Obtenga Shake