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Hello readers. I know this release should have been out on the 23rd, sorry about the delay. Here is the summary of the news between 9th October and 28th October. This issue is full of team updates, which is a good sign of activity and progress.

Team updates

Dash Evolution to be officially announced on the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami next January

"The Amsterdam event was just a sneak peak of Evolution; the Miami event will have much more information about what we're building. Evolution is a HUGE project, by January I'll have a prototype, but don't expect whitepapers."

Dash to speak and exhibit at the 3rd Latin American Bitcoin Conference - Mexico

"We are very excited to announce that we will be speaking and exhibiting at the, highly renowned, 3rd Latin American Bitcoin Conference this December in Mexico City. Last year the event took place in Rio de Janeiro. Past speakers of this event include Erik Vorhees, Andreas Antonopolus, Tony Gallipi and many others important members of the industry. Please check the details at: www.labitconf.com

Dash Development update, 19th October

This update by Evan includes his impressions about the Amsterdam events, provides some detail about Evolution, and explains our roadmap for the upcoming 3-4 months. A must read.

Dash Project Expenses Community Report, September 2015

"We're happy to present our very first expense report for the Dash project. This covers everything we've done with the money for September for all core team budgets." - link to the report

Amsterdam meetup video - Evan's speech


Also, you can watch the Q&A


Amsterdam meetup impressions
Daniel, Holger, BitcoinWednesday official


Dash-Electrum released
"We are pleased to announce the first Dash Electrum release, 2.4.1. Electrum is fast a fast, stable and secure light wallet that generates your keys with a deterministic phrase. Simply write down the seed phase and put it in a safe place, you'll be able to restore your wallet from the seed at any point into the future."


Media coverage

The Daily Decrypt - regular Dash mentions


Third party tools and services

Dashwhale updates
Masternode incidents feature
De-clustered voting
Dashwhale updater V4 - autorestart of crashed masternodes
Nextpay & enhanced privacy
You can read about the details on the News section on the bottom of dashwhale.org.

Dashman by moocowmoo v0.1.13 released

This has seen 5 releases from v0.1.9 to v0.1.13 in this time period. The main features included arepolish translation, ipv6 and voting support, and a couple of bugfixes. Detailed changelog you can see here.

Masternode reward calculator updated

With this spreadsheet you can calculate potential masternode earnings for the future.

Market data


Network data

Next issue on 14th November.