May 31, 2019 8:26 am

Dash Core v0.14.0.1 Release and Update on v0.14 Rollout

Dash Core v0.14.0.1

Dash Community,

A community member (thank you, demo, for calling this to our attention) recently identified an issue with the current Dash Core v0.14 version that could have impacted governance votes after the activation of DKG (Distributed Key Generation) and PoSe (Proof of Service). Basically, an attack vector was found wherein votes could be removed by performing a DoS attack on nodes. Please note that the current voting cycle is not susceptible to this issue since the DKG spork has not yet been activated.

The team has released a new version to address this issue. We ask all network operators to please update to Dash Core v0.14.0.1 as soon as possible. While this upgrade is not mandatory for non-masternode owners, it is still recommended as nodes might otherwise observe local discrepancies in governance vote outcomes.

As usual, binaries are available on the downloads page on the website.

DKG Spork Activation Criteria

Once at least 50% of masternode owners have updated to Dash Core v0.14.0.1 and 80% of masternode owners have updated to at least the Dash Core v0.14.0.0 version, we plan to activate the DKG spork. At that time, LLMQs will begin forming and PoSe scoring will occur.

Dash Core v0.14 Rollout Plan

Dash Core v0.14 Planned Upgrade Phases

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