September 11, 2020 12:45 am

Updated Product Brief: Dash Core Release v0.16.0

Current Status


Release Highlights

Block Reward Reallocation

The reallocation will take place gradually over 4½ years with incremental adjustments to the split of non-treasury funds. The proposed changes will occur every three superblock cycles, approximately once per quarter. After the BIP-9 activation for v0.16, the initial change to the reallocation will occur at the next superblock. Read more

Core Wallet UI/UX Improvements

Quorum Signing Optimizations

Network Threading Improvement

Minimum Protocol Check

Bitcoin Backports

Code Cleanup

PrivateSend Code Refactoring

PrivateSend Create Denominations Improvement

Core Wallet Enhancements

Additional Changes

Partner Implementation Notes

In addition to the hard fork which will occur with v0.16, there are important fixes and optimizations which will not be backported to v0.15. It is important to verify compatibility with particular attention to 1) changes to RPCs, 2) changes to command-line options, and 3) Bitcoin backports.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Changes

Command-line Options

Bitcoin Backports

V0.16 Upgrade Phases

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