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March 5, 2019 4:23 pm

Over 50% Masternodes Registered Deterministic Masternode List

Dash Community,

Over 50% of masternodes have now registered with the Deterministic Masternode List. This is incredible progress given that DIP3 activated on February 27th.

We wanted to extend a big thank you to those masternodes who have registered…as well as encourage those who have not to please do so as soon as possible! We are hoping we will be able to activate spork 15 this period so we can keep moving forward with development milestones such as spork 16 (Automatic InstantSend) and Dash Core v0.14. If we cannot meet the criteria by March 8, however, we plan to wait until the next voting cycle begins to minimize impacts to the proposal system.

Since we have exceeded 50% of masternodes registered, we will begin actively evaluating the criteria for activating spork 15 at this time. As a reminder, this criteria considers both the total percentage of masternodes registered as well as the rate at which they are registering. Please see the table below for the specific thresholds at which we will consider activation.

How to Register

Instructions on how to register can be found here. Masternodes who register will continue to receive payments as scheduled, so there is no need to wait to register. It is critical that masternodes register as soon as possible, as those who have not registered by the time spork 15 (Deterministic Masternode List) is activated will not receive payments.

Spork 15 Activation Criteria

Because spork 15 will reset proposal votes, we must time the activation with the beginning of the voting cycle to minimize the impact to the governance system. If the network does not meet the below activation criteria by March 8, the team will hold off activating it until the next voting cycle begins in early April.

To enable a fair process that allows for sufficient time to register while minimizing delays, the team plans to activate spork 15 based on a formula that takes into account both the total percentage of masternodes already registered, as well as the pace at which masternodes are registering (specifically, the percentage who have registered in the last 24 hours).

The total percentage of masternodes registered must be greater than 50% for us to consider activating. Once we reach 80%, we will automatically activate without regard to the percentage registered within the last 24 hours.

Below is a table displaying the thresholds at which we would activate spork 15. For example, if 60% of masternodes have registered total, and 1.25% or less have registered in the last 24 hours, we will activate. Similarly, if in the last 24 hours we saw 2.5% or less register, we will activate so long as at least 70% total have registered.

Spork 15 Activation Thresholds image
Spork 15 Activation Thresholds

Spork 16 — Automatic InstantSend

Spork 16 is the final milestone in the deployment of Dash Core v0.13. After Spork 15 is activated, we will monitor the network for a short period of time to ensure general stability before activating Spork 16. Spork 16 will activate Automatic InstantSend, making 90%+ of the transactions on our network instant by default at no extra cost. We are eager to offer this functionality to users as soon as possible, which is another reason we are working towards a speedy activation of the Deterministic Masternode List. We are also excited to wrap up the rollout of Dash Core v0.13 so we can focus fully on our next release, Dash Core v0.14.

Dash core v0.13 upgrade phases image
Dash Core v0.13 Upgrade Phases

TLDR Summary for Masternode Owners


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